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You can set the taskbar stuff to stay on the left, at least in the version of win11 I use for work.

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I hate that I can't tell if video game, render, or AI generated anymore.

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Yes, but the difference in safety over 12 years from a 2000 -> 2012 is much bigger than 2012 -> 2024. There are a lot more features now to stop a crash from occurring, but in terms of crash safety which is what a lot of people consider in buying a car, the difference is much less.

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Right? They portray it as a problem rather than as a sign that cars have finally hit the point where they're not dramatically improving in reliability, safety, and efficiency nearly as quickly anymore. That is not a bad thing really.

For capitalists, a healthy used market is a bad thing. Captial requires continuous production to make returns on itself.

One of the few things anymore that has a really strong used market besides cars is housing, so the capitalists switched their investment from developing new housing to vacuuming up the existing stock to instead collect rent and increase the value of their portfolio.

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Gas being a better energy source than batteries in every way except for the health and environmental issues is a real bitch and why this is such a problem. Cords are a hassle and you will need a lot recharging batteries all the time, so you notice the downsides immediately and acutely. These are solvable problems though. Even running an efficient gas generator would be better for the health of landscaping contractors than being around 2 strokes all day.

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Give away free electric tools if they trade in their gas ones. It's so bad for health to be huffing 2 stroke fumes all day every day.

Edit, I realize that this is meant for a electric leaf blower since it would do fuck all for a gas one. Doesn't change my opinion about landscaping tools tho

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If you can't tell who is doing them in the walk in, is it really a problem?

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MiLK Is fOr bABieS

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Can't fix anything if we use all our resources preventing regression. Snooze implies we go back to sleep for 4 years.

🟥 go back to sleep (bad dreams)

🟦 get up (get to work)

⬜ sit there (along for the ride)

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Fair. Logs are natural unless otherwise specified. You wouldn't put log(37) if you wanted base 10, you'd do log_10(37).

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Would a tostada then be a floppy cracker fried crisp?

No, crackers are a type of bread. Tostadas are cracker versions of tortillas. Corn tortillas are whole grain flat breads.

Pupusas and tamales are like his pizza example where the masa dough is cooked with its fillings. But those are both types of dumplings, which would make pizza an open-faced dumpling 🤔

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It's no frills but on the kind of flights I think most people use them for, who needs frills? If the flight is under 3 hours or so, a snack pouch and free soda is plenty nice. Plus you don't feel like you're second class having to walk by the nice seats on the way to the back.

I took a United flight from California to Chicago (cause it happened to be cheaper and better timed than SW) and I couldn't tell you the difference from flying SW besides maybe I knew my seat before boarding?

submitted 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago) by [email protected] to c/syncforlemmy

*** Solved: it was pointed out there is a Lemmy setting that enables showing read posts, rather than a Sync setting.

At some point I think I enabled a setting to hide read posts automatically, but now I can't seem to find a way to stop this behavior. There is also no method to unhide posts. So now once I've read a post, after I refresh it is gone forever in the app.

Tried resetting all settings back to default and erased user data in android but it seems stuck, maybe to my user account?

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