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Just added a post there as well.

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I think I joined this group from a mastodon post but I can’t remember. Discussion is generally around Signal and updates to the app etc.


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I asked on Mastodon but no one seems to know so I thought I’d ask here as well.

I’m looking for an app that provides the same or similar functionality to Life360 but instead of using Google/Apple map data it uses OpenStreetMap data. Does this even exist?

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I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s really good, highly recommend it.

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Would this not work well in a tabular format? Not sure if Lemmy supports full markdown though.

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[email protected] has been really good recently. It’s a web app.

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invidious / piped for those who don’t want to watch on YouTube.

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Is it possible to check what version I’m currently using?

I assume that for the most part all users will be on the most recent release all the time, so not sure how helpful it would be at the moment (to see the current version).

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I think there’s more people like this than people want to admit. There’s certain things where I have a personal interest and I’ll stay more up to date about etc. but the rest? I’m doing the same as you.

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I setup a new free account for my partner about a month and half (maybe 2) back and it wasn’t this aggressive.

Interesting to see this change in approach.

edit: just seen this is a cross post of the original

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That makes a lot of sense, thank you.

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I’ll preface my question by saying that it may be a n00b question. I started using Linux as my daily driver about 4 or 5 months ago.

What makes EndeavourOS so terminal centric? I’ve been using it for about a month now (maybe two) having moved from Pop!_OS. I don’t think I’m using the terminal more now than I did in Pop!_OS.

For context, I use my PC for video/photo editing, gaining occasionally, and work (we use our personal computers).

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This is the first I've seen something like this on Linux. I'm using endeavourOS and update my system fairly regularly. Is this "normal"?

Firefox is v122 installed from the ~~Aur~~ normal arch repositories with pacman.

edit: added install method

edit 2: corrected install method

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I've been using a catch-all on all my custom domains for as long as I've had a custom domain and it's worked great.

However, about 2 weeks back my business custom domain started creating loads of aliases that were used to send me spam (all related to finance/accounts, the message would say I owe a vendor money.) I disabled the catch-all so that they spam would stop, but I'd still like to use it if possible (via the auto create rules).

Does anyone have a regex for Simplelogin that I can use to help combat this issue? Or is this there not much that I can do?

I can provide a list of the aliases that were created if it helps?

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I'm not sure how many filmakers/videographers are here on Lemmy but I'd rather ask here than Reddit if I can

I've got a subscription with Artlist which ends in April and am looking for other providers. I've found that the music selection hasn't been great for my needs and I'll spend a long time trying to find something that will work with the videos I am producing at the moment.

Any suggestions with other providers? Audiio seem pretty popular, but would love to hear from people who've used these other services.

EDIT: Stumbled across this post on Reddit which has some mentions of others.

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I use Canva a fair bit for work, is there anything similar that’s more privacy friendly? I don’t always want to open up Gimp, ideally it’ll be available online as well.

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Does anyone have recommendations for books that deal with imposter syndrome and/or dealing with it?

Context: I'm currently building my own business and moving towards self-employment. I got a few free coaching sessions through my job, so I've begun meeting with a business coach. Today, we touched on the issue of imposter syndrome. I'm familiar with the concept, but I want to read up on it before my next coaching session. I've seen memes about imposter syndrome in software development, which is a hobby of mine, but I haven't come across it much in the context of starting a business or in videography. I'm pretty sure it exists in these areas too, though.

Irish Flag (lemdro.id)
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Taken outside Saint Sylvester’s Church in Malahide, Ireland.

"Should We Tax Cyclists?" (www.youtube.com)
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This video is specific to Canada but I constantly see similar comments from road users in Europe as well.

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I’ve been using Magic Earth on my phone for the last little while and have been really happy with it (I have Organic Maps and OsmAnd installed as well). I haven’t found anything good for desktop that includes public transport navigation (my primary use case).

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I’d seen rumours online but got the email this morning.

EDIT: seems like there won’t be ads for everyone straight away.

  • Live events, such as sports, and content offered through Amazon Freevee will continue to include advertising. Customers in the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man won’t see ads in their experience at this time.
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There’s a bug on v0.19 that is affecting outgoing federation. I believe it’s fixed on v0.19.1.

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