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Near me they built a pedestrian friendly trendy gentrified plaza. I looked on google maps. The parking lot is 5 times the size of the plaza.

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If they still have power plants then maybe this water is okay to cool down the rods as it is already radioactive.

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50 Shades of gay?

Not as an insult the the Pride Community but a play on words.

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What would happen if they had the paper but also had guns. Or black people with guns? Or socialists with guns?

How would their opinions change?

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Social Democracy is objectively better than the US system. But it still is within a capitalist framework where the exploitation is exported to some other country.

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How else do you think they get more 10 year old buns to fuck?

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No one wins a nuclear war. We have 5000 and they have 7000. After the first one is dropped consider then end of humanity as we know it.

Every nuclear treaty between Russia and the U.S. has expired or is set to expire in a few years without renewal.

End of story.

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Full Self Driving is such a sim name. The feature is level 2 advanced cruise control.

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Just remember Ethan Couch in 2013 diagnosed with Afluenza, A condition where someone is too rich to understand the consequences of their actions.

He was 16. He and a bunch of friends went to Walmart. They stole beer and drove drunk. He killed 4 people on the side of the road. A passenger in his car suffered brain damage and was paralyzed.

This kid was sentenced with a 10 year parole. He violated that parole by going to a party to drink. He and his mom fled to Mexico to avoid punishment. He was captured and then given a 720 day sentence in prison.

He murdered 4 people and paralyzed one of his friends. He got parole. Violated parole. Fled the country. And then was given 2 years in prison.

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1917 the US and other Allies tried to intervene in the Russian Civil War on the side of the White Army.

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That’s one frame of a video.


They guy cloned the tank to enter it.

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