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Where are those people? I don't see them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit or here. Millions of people voted for him in the 2020 primaries. Are they ashamed of their choice? They should be.

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which you probably aren’t eligible for anyway

In that case neither are you.

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I wasn't crying about being attacked. I was pointing out it's a bit absurd to attack/judge/whatever you want to call this people like me in order to cater to people who would abandon Joe Biden in the general election if he stops supporting a genocide.

You're yelling at the wrong people.

Refusing to accept the realities of our voting system as an excuse to throw your vote out the window isn’t noble, it’s ignorant.

Okay. What are you going to do about it? You want my vote and you can't have it for free. Work for it.

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Yes, liberals will not call themselves liberals. Much like NIMBYS would never call themselves NIMBYS. Especially ones trying to convince leftists to vote for a procorporate genocide supporting trash of a candidate.

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Not popular enough.

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Ok go be judgemental to liberal Jews and lapsed Republicans.

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Sounds like the DNC primaries didn't produce a candidate that was sufficiently popular with all the major factions of the Democrat voter base. I wonder what the solution to that could be. Guess we'll never know since people like you refuse to have that conversation.

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Call it whatever you like. You and Biden want my vote. You can't have it for free. You're not entitled to it.

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I hope your strike blocking, genocide supporting candidate magically results in more workers rights and less genocide.

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I won't be voting for Biden or Trump. I anxiously await your non-judgemental response.

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He needs liberal jews and lapsed Republicans that support israel in November.

Yet here you are attacking us. We can only conclude you believe their opinions are more important than ours.

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Shhh don't tell people they'll ruin it.


Moderates would rather lose to fascists than compromise with leftists and progressives.


The rail union contract expires at the end of this year meaning the rail union workers can strike again sometime in 2025. Whoever wins the 2024 general election and becomes president will immediately have to deal with that possibility. If Biden is serious about how Trump is the biggest threat we face then promising to veto any attempts to force another contract onto the rail unions is a bargain.

Your move Joe. Are you willing to compromise with leftists or do you want to go down in history as the second establishment Democrat who lost to Donald Trump?

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