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I found the same. Totally unsubstantiated claims. The pier was way overpriced and completely ineffective with the current state of things but it's still there.

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For my XM5s (and my XM4s) I had to switch the ear cushion size to the largest one before the noise cancelling was good. At first I went for what was comfortable but they softened up quite a bit. If you still have them, you may try going up one size bigger.

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What's with all the snobbery?

[-] ganksy 7 points 1 day ago

Discussion isn't really something they partake in

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There does look like a discontinuity around that entire perimeter but the bark structure looks like the same species. I don't know why you would want to graft to a same/similar species. Could always ask.

Btw the links are hidden in the post description. Only showed up when I went to comment.

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I guess while I'm on my righteous health craze, I'll skip the booze.

All that just to have your legacy be sensationalism. Sometimes I'm glad I'm an introvert.

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That's the last time I eat McDs

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Well the past two governors have vetoed legislation to allow local communities control over gas and drilling so not really.

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Did they learn faster or just move faster and therefore discover information faster?

Edit: could have answered my own question with a little reading.

The ants who received low or moderate doses of caffeine took a more direct path to the sweet treat with each trial, suggesting they had successfully remembered the location of the reward. Ants without caffeine took more meandering paths that did not improve over time. Galante emphasises that this isn’t about making the ants move faster, but more efficiently: caffeine had no impact on the ants’ pace but did reduce the twists and turns they took to get there.<

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Until they get it and find out they're still someone's bitch. Only now there's less they can do about it.

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It was good. Did you watch him on CBS this morning? Think he expressed some of the same sentiment but made it clear that liberal outlets always ask him the wrong questions. Like is important to protect democracy. Instead they always ask about getting on board with Biden.

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