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Hell yeah, love AC, they're such a weird drum circle of a band that sounds like they're about to fly out of control any moment but actually has a weird complex logic to everything they do. Also, they have some of the catchiest and most earnest vocals that just always put a smile on my face.

Adding synths and stuff to their sound was definitely a great way to grow it to something stadium sized and make it totally unique, but their earlier smaller stuff like We Tigers and Grass are always gonna be super nostalgic for me.

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Thailand in the big business of housing draft dodgers

I'd heard the opposite, genuinely don't know what the situation is since I'm nowhere near it

Which is good that the people are doing this


but idk how this affects the Thai people and economy.

Seems like any plausible difficulties that could result are really unimportant given the context of what these people are fleeing.

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I have never felt so seen by a piece of media as I did when I got the solution to this thought

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Credit where credit's due, I have to admit the Biden has apparently been better in how they handled US allies attempting to assassinate people on our soil than prior administrations have been.

In some related news, TIL

back during the Cold War, some American allies were doing just that. One of them was Chile's General Augusto Pinochet. In 1976, Chilean intelligence operatives killed a former ambassador, Orlando Letelier, and his American colleague Ronni Moffitt in a car bombing in Washington, D.C.


Five years after the Letelier bombing, two union organizers in Seattle were murdered inside their local union office. A U.S. court later found Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda liable for the murders. The killings were said to be in retaliation for the men's anti-Marcos organizing.


in 1984, a Chinese American named Henry Liu was gunned down in the garage of his home in Daly City, Calif. Members of a Taiwanese criminal gang, acting at the behest of Taiwan's military intelligence, were convicted of the murder.

e; better phrasing

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Yes, but it's a crappier legal process than Britain should be able to get away with. She's a British citizen who was radicalized on British soil and now they're just pawning off the problem they created onto someone else.

e; like, fuck daesh to hell and back, they were one of the most evil intentioned organizations ever, but doing shit in an unequal and secretive way just writes propaganda for their sympathizers. The right way to deal with terrorists is to treat them like the organized crime they are - drag them into the court room, put on a full presentation of the evidence against them for an independent press to report on, give them a fair chance to defend their actions, and when they're unable to do so throw them in a jail cell and treat them like the dangerous, evil, but ultimately human thing they are. Denying healthcare, torturing people, etc. does more to hurt the society that perpetrates it than it does to our enemies in the long run.

e2; added the italicized bit

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Not really unfortunately

Of 29 aspects of the country Gallup has tracked during Biden's presidency, public satisfaction has declined in 12, while it has been steady in 12 and improved in five. As a result, in a reversal of the pattern seen before 2021, anemic (sub-33%) public satisfaction ratings of national conditions now outnumber strong (50%+) ones, and by a substantial margin.

That said, a lot of this is being driven by Republicans who are just throwing a temper tantrum because there's a Democratic President, and a lot of this has to do with the fact that they're comparing it to a survey that was taken right around and after January 6, so there were probably a lot of Dems in that survey who thought "wow, I'm so proud of my country for surviving that shit storm, now things are finally going to get better" and have since come down to the depressing reality that we're still a really long way from neutralizing the threat Republicans pose to us.

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Yeah, If Books Could Kill did a whole episode on this, there's definitely people on NYTs editorial board with an anti-trans agenda

e; One organization who has actually done some real journalism on this was Popular Information when they got the police spokesperson to admit that statements they put out were done in ways that violate procedure for the express purpose of making this school look better

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Not a criminal, a stateless nobody stuck in a detention camp (where there have been credible allegations of guard abuse) with no legal rights to any sort of humane treatment or medical care or anything

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Wisconsin has a Democratic (read: law following) AG, so this is almost certainly going to result in felony charges for several WI state level Republicans* and three county Republican party organizations. It doesn't actually affect Trump at all, but a bunch of his Wisconsin cronies are in serious trouble at least.

*One of whom is an elected lawmaker, the other individuals idk but they're at least heavily involved in the WI GOP

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The commission alleges that Trump’s fundraising committee and state Rep. Janel Brandtjen, a Trump ally, conspired in a scheme to evade campaign finance laws to support the Republican primary challenger to [state House Speaker equivalent, Robin Vos] in 2022.


Trump and Brandtjen backed Vos’s primary opponent, Adam Steen. Trump called Steen a “motivated patriot” when endorsing him shortly before the 2022 primary. Vos, the longest-serving Assembly speaker in Wisconsin history, defeated Steen in the primary by just 260 votes.

Steen is currently backing an effort to recall Vos from office.

The ethics commission alleges that Trump’s Save America political action committee, Brandtjen, Republican Party officials in three counties and Steen’s campaign conspired to avoid state fundraising limits in the effort to defeat Vos, steering at least $40,000 into the bid.

The ethics commission recommended that charges be brought against the Trump fundraising committee, Brandtjen, Steen’s campaign, eight other individuals and three county Republican parties. The commission alleges that those involved took advantage of Wisconsin laws that allow for unlimited donations to political parties, but then illegally steered the money to Steen. State law caps individual donations to Assembly candidates at $1,000.

Members of the ethics commission said in documents sent to county prosecutors that if they don’t initiate charges within 60 days, the commission will go to another district attorney or the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20240223203433/https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/wisconsin-ethics-panel-recommends-felony-charges-against-trump-fundraising-committee-lawmaker

Some additional info in this one - https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/elections/2024/02/23/wisconsin-ethics-commission-alleges-illegal-scheme-by-trump-fundraising-committee-and-rep-janel-bran/72711365007/

Archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20240223203742/https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/elections/2024/02/23/wisconsin-ethics-commission-alleges-illegal-scheme-by-trump-fundraising-committee-and-rep-janel-bran/72711365007/

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Liberals be like

Their market worshipping ideology is barely an improvement over conservatism imo. What we need is progressivism and socialism, but so long as conservatives are turning into fascists I feel compelled to suppprt the liberal douchebags Citizens United has left us with (at least as far as my voting goes, anyway).

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Yeah, traumatic stress and chronic sleep deprivation isn't good for anyone, but it's really not good for people whose brains are still developing

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Oh, no no no, that would be protecting human rights, which conservatives really aren't about. They want to protect states' rights and local governments' rights to harass and brutalize humans. That's their idea of liberty.

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Voters are filling two supreme court seats in two separate nonpartisan elections. Neither seat’s current occupant is seeking a new term, so at first glance it may look like the cycle will add two fresh faces to the court. But of the six candidates running for these two seats, four are already sitting justices on the court—they just want to shift into different seats than their own.

If justices who already sit on the supreme court win either of those seats, they would then need to resign from their current positions. This would create vacancies that would be filled by the state’s staunchly conservative governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a reshuffling that’s poised to accelerate the court’s shift toward a solidly right-wing majority.

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As more people end up experiencing homelessness, they’re also facing increasingly punitive and reactionary responses from local governments and their neighbors. Such policies could become legally codified in short order, with the high court having agreed to hear arguments in Grants Pass v. Johnson.

Originally brought in 2018, the case challenged the city of Grants Pass, Oregon, over an ordinance banning camping. Both a federal judge and, later, a panel from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck the law down, saying that Grants Pass did not have enough available shelter to offer homeless people. As such, the law was deemed to be a violation of the Eighth Amendment.

The ruling backed up the Ninth Circuit’s earlier ruling on the Martin v. City of Boise case, which said that punishing or arresting people for camping in public when there are no available shelter beds to take them to instead constituted a violation of the “cruel and unusual punishment” clause in the Eighth Amendment. That applied to localities in the Ninth Circuit’s area of concern and has led to greater legal scrutiny even as cities and counties push for more punitive and restrictive anti-camping laws. In fact, Grants Pass pushed to get the Supreme Court to hear the case, and several nominally liberal cities and states on the West Coast are backing its argument. If the Supreme Court overturns the previous Grants Pass and Boise rulings, it would open the door for cities, states, and counties to essentially criminalize being unhoused on a massive scale.

Archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20240223125412/https://newrepublic.com/article/178678/supreme-court-criminalize-homeless-case

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