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Had the displeasure of dealing with McKinsey as they performed the legal equivalent of extortion under the guise of "public health" during COVID. Crazy just how deep their tendrils go when it comes to steering public funds and policy.

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You missed the opportunity to say "ManageMint"!

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That app is cancer. Just stop using it.

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The article seems like a hit piece for having to pay for Twitter. If it's that important to use it, pay the money. Otherwise, like goes on just fine without the platform.

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That looked like such a miserable experience for everyone involved. What a stupid location.

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I could probably help if you moved to the opposite coast. Lol

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Ya, and I prefer the open stance but just don't want to deal with the volume of propaganda. I'm taking the advice to be more aggressive with my filtering.

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Ultimately, I agree with less censored stances which is why I picked this instance. I just don't think it's good for my mental health to engage in the political banter. I did start blocking some instances, maybe that will help. Thanks for the insight!

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I agree with this assessment completely. Especially after the pre-race talks about working as a team to keep the Ferrari's at bay. I was almost expecting what you described after seeing Lewis on the softs and how much of a short term advantage they offered yesterday.

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Man, I'm starting to think this platform ain't for me. Lots of unhinged folks here.

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The argument I have heard being lockdowns (moreso the duration of them) put extensive pressure on small business to shut down but allowed the large corporations to remain open, creating an effective monopoly. This created a situation where governments had also had to assist with those shortfalls so folks can survive. To do that, they increased the monetary supply which in turn devalues the currency. This causes the inflation which makes things more expensive. The government then gives out more money...and the cycle repeats.

Now, I'm not an economist but it sounds pretty logical to me. I know it came down to saving lives and I'm in support of doing that. But could we have done things in a way that didn't put an entire generation 10 years behind? That's a conversation worth having if you ask me.

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