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"Well, now that you mention it..."

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What happened? Did it get DDOS'd?


I can't access it in Jerboa anymore.

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Is there a tutorial?


My Binkols 25-quart air fryer TO-A24 model is only toasting now. The other functions, such as air fry, broil, warm, and bake, all stopped working.

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Offices are actually chill if you take out the cubicles and stuff. They are spacious, neutral, and have a bathroom and roof access.

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How do I find YouTubers?

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I don't have to make a new account then?

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I shower every two or three days.

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I am not a doctor, but you should see one because that should not sting.

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No soldier left behind.

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Non shampoo days?

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On weekends I don't use deodorant so in the shower my armpits get a refresh.


I always forget about my naval. When I was younger I would never wash behind my ears.


It sends me a verification code to log me in and says that it knows my email address but not my device, which is the same device that I have been using.


I put the middle finger emoji under their newest piracy announcement and they banned me from Lemmy World for a week. I can argue that it was ambiguous. It could have been against Lemmy for letting pirates back in, or it could have been against the pirates. So damn quick to judge.


I can't change the text on my website cancellation policy, even though I typed it the first time. I want to edit the text, but I can't find how to click on the words and actually type. I dug through Booking Settings and found no option for it. Wix's support page is a joke so that won't help either. I'm frustrated because all I want to do is backspace a typo and now it's locked like Fort Knox. How do I not punch my computer screen right now? Thanks for any help you can provide.


Central Connecticut.

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