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Lock them up, as I said

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Or they could be innocent.

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Lock them away. Because the legal system can and does make mistakes.

Being murdered by the state for a crime you didn't commit is not the sign of a grown up society.

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I think it is because the EU listened to the people. This is what you get when elected representatives are not bankrolled by big business, and are allowed to enact legislation that doesn't only benefit one side.

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Grifter baiting his teenage incel followers

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65 l/100km... Holy shit, a Bugatti Veyron running at top speed over 400km/h is consuming 122 l/100km.

That's insane

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I think things may have moved on with the tech, my Yaris Hybrid would average 3.8 l/100km with is 74 MPG (UK).

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Yeah, Shine on You Crazy Rhombus would never have been a hit.

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I had cataracts done, have tons of floaters. Also makes it almost impossible to follow a golf ball in flight. I used to play, but got fed up not having a clue where I had hit the damned ball.

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If the infrastructure doesn't support EVs for a journey, that's an EV problem.

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I really don’t get it.

I'm still on Xitter, but on my own terms. I use a plugin called Control Panel for Twitter, which means I don't get anything on my feed other than stuff from those I follow, and what they share, unless they share some bollocks then I will block shares from them. There are a bunch of Hong Kong activists, journalists and fellow HK travelers who don't use other platforms yet, and I don't want to get cut off from what's happening there. There is also good motorsports contributors, who also post on TikTok and IG which I refuse to go near. In addition there are feeds and posters related to my work, some I can't see anywhere else, then there is some random stuff I can't see anywhere else.

I don't have the Xitter app on my phone and use the same Control Panel plugin to ensure my terms of engagement are maintained on mobile. This plugin, for example blocks anyone who paid Xitter for a blue badge, so I don't see any of their putrid bile in response to those I follow. It also frees you from the "algorithm" that determines what Xitter want's you to see, I only get a chronological timeline feed. Upsells, ads, who to follow, bookmarks and other random bits of UI I never use are also gone.

Basically, it is exactly how I want the whole Xitter experience with none of elmo's shit polluting my screen.

Get it now?


Just saying. One of only 2 semiconductor chip manufacturing plants outside the US. If anything happens, during the current troubles, expect a swift response from Uncle Sam.

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