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maybe i just haven't seen enough AI generated garbage yet but the jpeg compression should be obvious. im literally not that old such that compression artifacts aren't common knowledge. even if people don't know the name who hasn't seen it a ton aside from maybe the Amish.

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also he pregnant stomach may force her to be positioned further back or risk having him put a tremendous amount of pressure on her stomach. The former would move the center of gravity higher and back -- neither of which are good for balance -- and the latter might injure the baby or just be otherwise uncomfortable

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it's not a setup issue, it's a hard limit of xorg. maybe having two xservers may help, but then you wouldn't be able to move windows between them. the way multiple monitors are done using x is that they're treated as one continuous screen, but that means it can get a bit wacky because they're not the same.

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Multimonitor is just a better experience on Wayland. For instance, you can have different refresh rates for your monitors and the way it's handled isn't janky and hacky.

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at what temperature and oxygen density does the carbon break free and automatically bond with oxygen to form CO2, thus evaporating. you might burn the fish away before it gets radioactive.

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nah but you don't see that being asked of white people that often. and when it is it's often framed) asked differently.

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The only things id be concerned about is that multi monitor will work better under Wayland but nvidia may not. Nvidia and wayland is getting better while multimonitor on X isn't, but I don't know exactly how things are rn enough to say

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yeah, I'm pretty radically left as it is but I've seen a few tankie posts and boy are those threads to stay away from.

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The bass is a great instrument as it's easy to pick up and be able to use decently but it also has a super high skill ceiling.

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That 0.3% is by weight and gummies can be dense af. Plenty of farm bill products advertise ∆9 on the packaging.

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I don't have one but I'm thinking of getting one. I'm thinking of using the vacuum to evaporate the alcohol, but i like your idea as well.

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Basically title. If I make a quick wash isopropyl alcohol (QWISO) solution, would a vacuum extraction have a meaningful effect on the resulting concentrate? I'm doubt it would have a meaningful impact in terms of flavor and terpene content, but I can see it producing an interesting consistency. The only way I could see it affecting flavor would be if the low pressure caused some volatiles to change, but I kinda doubt that. For the vacuum extraction I would probably just put it in a vacuum chamber.

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This one resonates with me a lot. I go with the flow for almost everything and while it's unpredictable and chaotic at times, i'm often much better for it. I'm attuned to myself and what i need so in any given situation i can get myself together and figure out a way to keep moving forward.

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I watched Bleach years ago on Amazon Prime when i was a kid. Prime only had up to the beginning of the Bounts arc at that time, so I never finished it. I recently found it on Hulu and am watching it all the way through, filler and all. I'm about to begin the final arc and I wanted to share my thoughts.

First, I disagree that things went downhill after the SS arc. For me, the show temporarily jumped the shark after the Grimmjow fight. Everything before that was honestly kinda great. I didn't even realize the Bount arc was filler. It was slow at the start but I really enjoyed it by the end.

The Captain Amagai arc was interesting but it killed the pacing. The Zanpakuto Rebellion arc was really good at first but I kinda hated it by the end because of how cheap the show felt. The second half of the arrancar saga started mid-decent in my opinion, and was great by the end. And the Invading Army arc was so good I wish it was canon.

Personally, the show got really really bad in-between the Grimmjow fight and the actual Ulquiorra fight. Everything else has been incredible. I'm sure if I didn't watch the filler, or watched it afterwards that I would enjoy it a lot more. Although I don't see how I can fully watch the middle filler without breaking continuity, as Uryu has his more advanced Quincy weapon but Ichigo will lose his powers by the end of the Arrancar arc. Either way, I'm excited to finish the series and start the new one. Eventually I may watch the movies.

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Completely random stoned hypothetical. Lets day im old as fuck and I decide I'm ready and done. Could I have the same postmortem autopsy done on me while I'm still alive? Like give me a ton of drugs and let me watch myself get dissected as my final moments. I understand there is a legal and possibly moral concern, but is it really ethically that bad if I also want it? Like I'm not taking myself out at my prime, I'm nearly dead anyways. Lemme see myself cut apart that'd be cool as shit, only if I couldn't feel any pain though.

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Hello! I have Proxmox VE running on a Dell R730 with an H730. Proxmox manages the disks in a ZFS RAID which is exactly how I want it. Because I intend for this server to have a NAS/file server, I want to set up a container or VM in proxmox that will provide network storage shares to domain-joined systems. Pretty much everything in my lab is joined to FreeIPA, so I'd like to use the IdM features with my file server. I have given TKL FileServer a shot but it really didn't seem up to snuff with what I wanted. I am not looking for a NAS solution that will require me to pass through the RAID controller and disks to Proxmox, as I want Proxmox managing the ZFS pool. I can set up an NFS/Samba server in a container, however in trying to do so I was running into issues (due to it being an unprivileged container) that I can probably figure out but I want to see if anyone has any recommendations first.

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For me it's driving while under the influence. If you couldn't tell, I like me some ganja. However I have long since held the belief that it is utterly insane to drive while under the influence of most substances, with maybe nicotine and caffeine being the exception. All too often I see other stoners smoking and driving, which I simply can't fathom. I've only operated a vehicle once under the influence and it was just to move a U-Haul around the block to a different parking spot, which was such a scary experience while high that I refuse to even consider getting behind the wheel again while high.

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See previous post and the comments in this link for context.


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Context: A few days ago Arch pushed out a legitimately broken update. This was because they shipped out a testing version of util-linux. They very quickly fixed this... except I use SE Linux (say what you will I wanted to dive into it) and now I'm stuck waiting for the maintainer to update the AUR package so I can fix my system. This is not a general arch problem but a me problem because of my less standard, more niche build. Although the wait is genuinely making me reconsider using SE Linux as it's been a hassle to maintain (just to keep things up to date, I gave up on keeping it in enforcing mode).

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I recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge R730 at a killer price, and intend it to be the cornerstone of my home lab. I plan to use it as both a NAS and a container server so I can set up whatever I want with it. I'm a bit unsure of what a good setup here looks like, so I'm hoping for a bit of guidance.

As my R730 has 16 drive bays, I intend for 10 of those to be high capacity HDDs for the NAS with the remaining spots for SSDs for the containers. The R730 will also have a PERC H730 RAID controller. I want a full featured NAS solution (although I am open to more lightweight solutions) so my go to thought is TrueNAS. My plan was to install Proxmox and run TrueNAS on top of it, but I am unsure if this is the best method. Does anyone have any insight on how well this works or if there's a cleaner solution?

Addendum: Anyone have any recommendations for RAID setups? I currently have 4x900 GB 10k SAS Dell Enterprise drives but I intend to bump that up to 10x900 GB over time. I'd like to be able to add these without much hassle, but I'm unsure what to go with. It seems that ZFS can handle it well alone, but I don't want to have gotten the good raid controller for nothing so I'm wondering if using ZFS with the RAID controller in HBA mode will be more worth it than a dedicated RAID setup. And if I'm using a RAID setup, should I go RAID or unRAID? If I go RAID, is RAID 01, 10, or 60 a better option here? Based on my research, it sounds like I'll need a lot more drives for a proper RAID setup and it'll be less flexible, but I would like some second opinions.

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It was one of the first I learned and has remained one of my favorites.

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Hello, I work with numerous humans. Navigating their emotionality is quite haphazardous at times, and today I have seemingly transgressed on my colleague "Mike".

I have observed for numerous months that Mike appeared to be attempting a science experiment of sorts. It was a lacto-bacilli fermentation but I was unsure to what end. Mike had repurposed many parts of his meals and placed them into a sealed container to make something called "Kombucha". I am familiar with many fermented human foods, however I was unsure that Mike would achieve a favorable result. When asked why he didn't use the replicator for his "kombucha", he said it's not the same. I am still attempting to understand his logic as it quite literally would be the same.

Nevertheless, I have kept a careful eye on the fermentation, and as it's entered it's third month I noticed signs of bacterial and fungal contamination. Believing the dish to be clearly compromised, I safely discarded of it with the proper biohazard precautions. However, Mike is now irate, saying I ruined his lunch and that he likes it, "chunky but soft". I do not follow his logic. AIBI?

Edit: I see now I was being illogical. I should have thrown away both the "kombucha" and Mike.

How do I get over my ex? (self.nostupidquestions)
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Posting this here because I'm unsure of where else to post something like this.

Over two years ago at this point I mutually ended a nearly year long relationship with someone I was still in love with. We were graduating high school and while still going to colleges in the same city, realized we were in over our heads and were in an unhealthy situation so we split it off. It destroyed me. It took me a year to get my shit together (I went on a minor drug-binge for about 3 months after and spent probably $6k from eating out and making sure I always had enough bud) but I eventually met my current partner. Things aren't perfect in our relationship but I genuinely love her and we work to further strengthen our relationship. I don't know that I see the rest of my life with her, but we've been together over a year now and I don't have any intention of ending things anytime soon. We also live together so making it work is more of a necessity lol.

But I can't get my ex out of my head. I've spent nearly every day for the last two years trying to let go of her but I don't know why she keeps popping into my thoughts. I don't love her, I don't want to be with her, I don't want her in my life. And ahe isn't, but I'm still dealing with this. I do have a therapist who I've talked at length with about this but I don't know, something about her just is stuck in my head. Maybe I preferred sex with her? I doubt it but she did kinda define what I consider my "type", so maybe it's just she's more unromantically attractive to me? But it feels so much deeper than that. If it were those shallows reasons I feel like it would've been easier to debug and diagnose. She was my best friend. One day she was in my life, the next day not. It feels like a very specifically sized puzzle piece is missing and now there's a small hole in the puzzle.

I don't know, it's kinda maddening. I don't have most social media, so it's easier to avoid her online and not think about her. But occasionally I find myself borderline stalking her, except it's just me gathering random information I already know from OSINT tools with no intention or idea on how to utilize it (I'm well aware of how to use OSINT data, I mean in this specific situation). Part of it just feels like someone really important to me was rapidly removed from my life and I yearn to reconnect with them, but I guess I fear what such an endeavor might reawaken in me. I don't love her, at least I don't think I do. If I do it would be monumentally fucked up and I would feel like I'm emotionally cheating on my partner, who is somewhat aware of this issue but thinks I have it figured out (I thought I did too; I'm not knowingly lying to my partner). I don't know, I sent them a proper goodbye email a few months ago and thought that was that but it's clearly not. And I've put so much time and effort into trying to wrap it up for myself but now it feels like I'm just lost and stuck. Part of me just wants to reach out and ask if we can get a cup of coffee, but the other part of me recognizes the red flags in that immediately.

I just want to be done with this. I want my brain to get it through itself thar it's over. It's been over. There's no changing the past, and if I could, I don't think I would've reached the point where I am in life with my current opportunities if we had stayed together. Part of why we broke up was because as I was learning how to sell pot (which I was never very good at), I became a massive stoner (which I am very good at). She wasn't anti-weed but didn't appreciate it. When eventually saw that us growing apart was hurting each other and decided to leave things behind. Being young and dumb, I didn't handle the breakup well. I didn't do anything bad or harmful to her or anyone else, but it was obvious to both of us that I wasn't okay afterwards. When I feel like I needed her the most, she was gone from my life. In doing so she broke our promise of prioritizing our friendship over the relationship. I don't really know. I understand a lot of the reasons why I'm hurt and some are justified some are not. I understand the role I played and the responsibility I had in hoe things ended. I was not a great partner in a lot of instances, and neither was she. But part of me wonders if we had met now what it would be like. But I wouldn't have been who I am now without her and without being without her. I'm just so fucking unsure man.

I'm sorry if this is really rambly. I expect that the majority of answers will probably be to just get over it already, which I'm trying to do. I just don't feel like it's the right thing to ask to see her again, because that feels like an eventual mistake rather than closure. Idk, tell me I'm an idiot or an asshole to my current partner or something. I just want to be done with dealing with the legacy of a long-dead relationship.

TL;DR: Mutually ended a significant relationship when I wasn't ready. Been kinda fucked since. Want to not be fucked so I can be a better partner. I suck for this.

Edit: Thank you to everyone who has commented thus far. A lot of the discussion has been really helpful and I've got some new leads on how to debug this issue. I'm trying to respond to everyone and I can't express how appreciative I am.

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