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Maybe they know something about the atmosphere that we don't. If water is liquid it can boil at any temp!

(jk, they aren't being literal, it's at 33C as stated in the excerpt)

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The article interviews various individuals involved with raising seed crops for small-to-medium operations. Chaotic weather patterns have had a major impact on their seed production. The article notes that it takes longer to produce seeds for many plants than it takes to produce food from them, and that weather conditions must remain appropriate through their entire life cycle. It briefly discusses adapting plants through hybridization and open-pollination to make them more resilient against growing threats.

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Mods are AWOL. Is this collapse?

Post your observations here.

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Our conversations right now might have a disproportionate effect on the future of AI.

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I just saw her video on string theory here:

As I commented in that post, I didn't find her argument entirely convincing on that video. Maybe I have a bias toward string theory, I don't know. But she has a fun channel and I just recently ran across another video from her: A critique on Avi Loeb, who has managed to interject his name in the UAP discussion quite thoroughly lately.

I'm a text person, not a video person (for these things at least). I had my grievances with Dr. Loeb from his writings but this video paired criticism with videos of his own words taken from various calls and videos. I found that it gave a lot more insight into his character than I had before.

I'd like to recommend this video to get things started, because I find this to be a very interesting and also a potentially very serious topic. So let's approach it with an appropriate respect and gravity: Let's maintain our critical thinking.

Disclaimer: This is a mostly one-sided critique, although she does show some understanding and leniency. It is most definitely a critique as opposed to an objective overview. Keep that in mind when forming your expectations. There are, of course, other viewpoints to be had and arguments to be made.

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