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It is useless at that brightness.

Absolutely not. I’m a sucker for ultra low brightness modes, as in fractions of a lumen. It’s great for dark adapted eyes. It’s more than enough to see and move around, doesn’t ruin your dark vision, and won’t wake someone up accidentally. Runtime is practically unlimited. Why waste battery if you don’t have to?

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Check what preset is mapped in the controller configuration page. I’ve had it revert to the default map before, but the old preset was still saved.

15GB sounds about right for missing a few months. IMO, that’s a relatively small update. I’ve got a ~400GB install with all world updates installed, and another ~400GB of third party mods on top of that. 15GB is about the space for a single study level airliner with no liveries and a couple of handcrafted airports. This is not particularly out of the ordinary compared to the other pilots in my virtual airline. It’s a big game with big mods, people want very high resolution textures, detailed models, and high fidelity sounds.

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NextDNS is great and well worth the price imo. I use this for DNS level ad and telemetry blocking on my LAN and across all of my mobile devices. Having DNS over HTTPS is nice too, I’ve got 100% of my DNS requests going to nextDNS via HTTPS.

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Fair enough, I can see how that would be annoying. In my experience, the updates have been substantial and worth the download; the added handcrafted airports, updated scenery/city scans, and vastly expanded activities more than makes up for the 20 minutes I spend a month to update the game. XPlane might be more up your alley in terms of fewer forced updates but the VFR flying isn’t as stunning as MSFS to me. For airliners, it’s on par for the most part.

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Fewer* people. If you can count it, it’s fewer. If not, it’s less, e.g. less money, fewer dollars.

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Can’t say this mirrors my experience either. Taildraggers were working fine at launch and are better now with the recent ground handling update. ATC issues taxi instructions based on the scenery files and I’ve not found missing airports save for some tiny private grass strips. I haven’t found a missing towered airport. Real world charts work just fine, a Navigraph subscription is one of the top paid addons to use up to date IRL charts.

If it’s not a complete sim, what is? XPlane has slightly better flight dynamics, ground handling, and replays, but that’s about it. MSFS is at least on par everywhere else.

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I’ve been playing this since release and that’s not my experience at all. There’s no pointless updates, the post launch support for this game is top tier. We’ve gotten consistent updates for years now, and the amount of content they’ve added to a non-subscription game is unmatched in my experience.

I’m surprised to see this at the top comment.

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I think the idea is to create a ton of noise in the 2.4GHz band which is commonly used to control drones. It’s not going to “cook” a drone at distances further than a few feet, you’d need a maser (microwave laser) for that.

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what’s the little f stand for?

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Is it possible to transfer favorite communities from an account on one server to another? Say for example I'd like to have an alt with the same favorites on another server for a backup. Is this possible with wefwef or other means?

Looking to get my main off to help load balance, but I don't want to refavorite everything; if I could somehow keep them in sync that would be ideal.

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