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Man, I miss shrooms.

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Go wings! 😢

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I always remember a Garfield strip from when I was a kid that said this was recharging.

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Usually trousers (really like the Eddie Bauer Ranier pants and shorts), golf shirt, grip6 belt, hiking boots and good socks. Bose QC35s if I’m in the data center. One customer makes me wear a safety vest. If I’m working weekends, in some data centers it’s warm enough for shorts (I’m not doing hardware installs).

If I’m working at home, whatever I slept in plus a shirt.

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My wife was like this when we met. She also grew up more poor than me. I still see her washing a lot of stuff by hand that should be in the dishwasher. Old habits die hard. The unspoken agreement is when we run out of a utensil, or get down to one, we run the dishwasher.

One thing my mom taught her through me is not putting good kitchen knives or any wood through the dishwasher.

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There’s a certain irony in using a Douglas Adams quote to support saying something is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett.

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To sanitize it and remove the negative connotations. It’s something that happened instead of something this guy did.

Same reasons reporters bend over backwards calling most politicians everything but liars.

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So one of his reasons for not prosecuting criminal behavior by the sitting President is, “the country doesn’t feel like it!?”

  1. Says who?
  2. When you say shit like that, it’s really hard to believe the myth that nobody is above the law.
  3. You no longer get to say you’re the “law and order” anything.
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The dash used to be how to could tell how long someone had been using tar. If they started with Linux, they probably use a dash. If they started on a UNIX variant, they probably don’t. Either way, the dash isn’t needed.

Also recently learned that recent versions of tar will autodetect compression. So for extraction, you just need “tar xf “

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I think this is the best answer. Think of it in terms of what would the boss (a good boss, that is) say? I can actually hear my managers say this. Many of the options here could be taken by the other person as you thinking you’re “better than” them. This is a fair and accurate response that doesn’t get personal.

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I would say Chicago is maybe a better example. All around Chicago, you have a number of cities where a good majority of people living there commute into “the city.” All these places kind of run into one another to make a large metro area. Further out, there’s more space between towns, so they don’t seem like part of Chicago. Still a good number of people in those towns often work somewhere in the metro area.

I’ve always considered a “metro area” to include the immediate feeder communities that but up to one another and “the city” itself, and the “greater area” getting into the further out suburbs that are a little more spread out but feed into the metro area.

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Siblings (lemmy.world)
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One can’t keep herself out of a box or anything resembling a box. The other is responsible for the never healing contusion on his sister’s ear (though, she sometimes starts it).

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Our mini schnauzer passed in January. They were pals.

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Not much else to say.

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Do you drink the cereal-flavored milk straight from the bowl? I grew up doing this because my parents taught me how good that milk tastes. As I’ve gotten older, I feel a little self-conscious about doing it in public. It’s not something I notice other non-children doing.

Editing to add: I do drink the milk from the bowl. As to when I'm eating it "in public:" hotels mostly. Self-conscious was probably the wrong word. I'm more wondering if people silently judge a grown person drinking cereal milk from the bowl. Not losing sleep if they do, just curious.

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Trying to do a couple things. I have 2 jump hosts I can use to get into my cluster login node. From my laptop to the jump hosts is password. From jump hosts to login node can be key-based, so if I do it all from CLI:

[me@home ~]$ ssh user@jump1
[user@jump1 ~]$ ssh user@login1
[user@login1 ~]$ 

Same process if I use jump2.

So first thing I'm trying to do is set up my ~/.ssh/config to use the ProxyJump host and key file to get to login1. I have the following:

Host jump1
  Hostname jump1.domain
Host jump2
  Hostname jump2.domain
Host login1
  Hostname login1.cluster
  ProxyJump jump1
  #ProxyJump jump2

I'm not sure how to configure the IdentityFile entries for each jump host. The user on the jump hosts has different id_rsa keys in ~/.ssh, but both are in the authorized_keys file on login1.

Second thing I'm trying to do is join or start a tmux session. From CLI, I can run:

tmux has-session -t mysession || tmux new -s mysession && tmux a -t mysession

I've learned that to just join a running session (tmux a -t mysession), I need to include "RequestTTY yes" in my ssh config entry for login1. What I can't get working is the conditional statement that will fire up a new tmux session if it doesn't already exist.

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I mean, yeah! Glad he's stepping down, but have to respect the guy. Glasd to see students give him the same sendoff they did for Bear. Tradition!

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Not sure what to think here, but happy we're picking up some OL help. Seems like we're still overlooking this group somewhat. I don't care how good the QB and/or RB are. Without a solid OL in front of them they will not be consistently successful.

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I've read some articles on this. On suggesting the students wanted "anyone but Dabo," to which I would ask, "so, Kiffin?" I think that would be pretty ironic, TBH. Given that Saban is helping with the transition, I don't know if that makes Lane's ascention more or less likely! Either way, it took Less Miles years to foul up the system Saban left at LSU. Then again, that was before the transfer portal was a thing!

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Sad news:

After five seasons back at his alma mater, Auburn associate head coach and running backs coach Carnell “Cadillac” Williams is leaving The Plains, he announced Thursday evening.

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