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Honestly better cancelled, than bad ports.

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Noce to hear call of juarez gunslinger get some love.

One of my favourite games.

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It's a matter of different country and standards, here a town is something with just one grocery shop.

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Planned to get some pizza today, in the end the pizza place in my city is closed for next couple weeks.

My mood has been destroyed for the rest of the day.

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For most laptop's batteries can last up to 5 years, if lucky up to 8 years like on of my older laptops.

In older laptop models batteries are very easy to remove and replace, in most cases you just take out the battery from the back.

With never laptops in most cases you need to remove the whole bottom cover and then you get access to the battery that is still pretty easy to remove. You just pull one wire and unscrew a couple of screws and you can just swap the battery.

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Thought this was a balkan meme

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This kind of reaction's are the main reason I will leave typos, or just to get a reaction out of typing police.

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Yea, here where I live there is a culture of most jobs being seasonal work, so a good amount of people end up being NEET's for about half a yera or less because of the lack of regular jobs and surplus of seasonal work that's most times only 3-6 month's long.

You could say we are forced to be neet's whenever tourist season isn't ongoing.

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In most cases the culture and mental health are the reason a lot of them will choose that lifestyle, still not 100% by their own free will.

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Most times neet's are people with mental health issues or depression also.

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I dream every night.

I just remember a dream when I wake up every 5+ years.

submitted 3 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/selfhosted

Hello, I have recently been seeing a boom in people using ansible for automating setting up vps's, services, ...

Is it worth it to learn ansible to do also automate the way I setup everything, or is a bash script good enough ( I know some bash scripting but ansible seems like it could be more worth the time to learn )?

Mattermost: Casual Selfhosters (
submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/selfhosted

Hello, today I would like to announce the creation of a mattermost group "Casual Selfhosters".

I created it because I feel like there is a need for real time chat at times when it comes to helping someone with selfhosting and some aspects of communication generally work better in real time chat, than in a forum like setting like what lemmy does.

The server is hosted on a dedicated hetzner machine.

I would love for the mattermost group to grow alongside this lemmy community and be a good addition in helping other people get into selfhosting.

Hoping for good feedback to make the community even better and hope people will find it usefull if they are ever in need of real time chat to help someone across the globe.

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Hello, I would like to hear your opinions about a good selfhosted messenger like discord.

To list exactly what I mean by that is:

  • No need for federation ( only will be used by friends )
  • E2EE
  • Support for direct messages
  • Support for discord like server management by which I mean the ability to set rooms and topics for such rooms.

From what I know, this seems to be more similar to slack alternative's but wanted to hear opinions of others.

I have been thinking about either matrix, mattermost, or revolt chat.

I already have a XMPP server, but setting up encryption and client's has turned away quite a few people I would like to get onto this platform.

EDIT: As pointed by other people E2EE isn't needed for my usecase if no federation.

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Hello, I'm wondering what do you guys use and recommend for efficient book, comic, manga and lightnovel file management, tagging, directory structures and automated tools for all that.

My collection is mostly made from humble bundle book bundles, for getting tags into comics I use comictagger and as for file structure, it was mostly just me just putting something to separate the books.

I wan't to hear you guys input because most of you are a lot more efficient or have a lot more experience in saving big ammounts of data, and I wan't to make my process as painless and future proof as possible as my collection starts to grow.

Edit: I use linux so software like comicrack which I heard a lot about isn't really accessible to me. The files also need to be accessible to my kavita server.

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Hello, I have a mumble server running as a docker container.

I'm using lego to generate let's encrypt certificates using dns challenge as an unprivileged user.

My problem is that I need to restart the mumble server so that it can reload the ssl certificate, which means restarting the docker container.

Is there any way to do this withuot adding the user to docker group, since there are security issues with that group where it's easy to escalate to a root user.

I thought about maybe a user level systemd service could be able to do it, but wan't to hear your opinions?

EDIT: I mention mumble specifically here, but this can apply to any server that requires manual reload of ssl keys, like postfix for example. I'm also not againd the idea of converting to something like kubernetes or even podman ( which would be harder cause of file permissions on all my binds ) if they can allow for woking on the container without root privileges.

submitted 3 months ago by [email protected] to c/selfhosted

Hello, I have seted up my lemmy server couple months back and am loving it. One problem I have with it is that I can't follow individual users so I have been thinking about selfhosting another fediverse service that will satiate my need to follow specific users.

Most popular platform on the world generally for that is twitter so I wan't to see if there is any good twitter alternative. I know of mastodon but have heard that it can be hard to selfhost and uses a lot of storage ( that wouldn't be that much of a problem with s3 storage provider, like what I do with lemmy already ).

So I would like to know if there is any simpler "twitter" alternatives for following single user's on the fediverse, preferably with s3 storage support.

If mastodon is the best in that regard I most likelly will just selfhost it.

submitted 4 months ago by [email protected] to c/selfhosted

Hello, I wan't to ask if anyone knows of a good alternative for certbot for acquiring ssl certificates for nginx.

Certbot isn't good anymore for me since I started using crowdsec with nginx bouncer that uses lua block's inside nginx config that cerbot can't parse, making it not work anymore.

I use nginx because it's the one I know the best and for my use case work's the best. ( Hosting both program's directly on metal and docker container's )

Traefik + ntfy redirect curl (
submitted 4 months ago by [email protected] to c/selfhosted

Hello, recently I have moved from nginx to traefik and have found an "issue" that I would like to have fixed.

Originally with the nginx config I had a block that allowed for ntfy to work with curl without having to specify https:// but with traefik this doesn't work and throws out Permanent Redirect when trying to send a notification using curl.

This are currently my traefik settings for ntfy using labels:

      - traefik.http.routers.ntfy.rule=Host(``)
      - traefik.http.routers.ntfy.tls=true
      - traefik.http.routers.ntfy.entrypoints=websecure
      - traefik.http.routers.ntfy.tls.certresolver=lets-encrypt
      - traefik.port=80

Is there any way to setup traefik and ntfy to be able to send notification without having to specific the protocol or is there no way?

Hetzner Server auction worth it? (
submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by [email protected] to c/selfhosted

Hello, recently I have started to see the limit's of vps's and have been thinking about getting a hetzner dedicated server from the auction. My question is are they worth it and if so what would be the best way to make use of them.

By that I mean should I get something like proxmox on it and make use if it that way, or install a stable os like debian and have it all installed in docker making use of the pure power of the system that way?

Edit: My use case for my server vps is my main website, but I also host a lot of alternative frontend' and some other thing like a feed reader (miniflux) and other things like that, that with time I have accumulated and if I wanted to have them all running well would either have to spend money in uograding one vps, or buy multiple smaller one's. In both cases this could end up quite costly.

Reason I can't do it on my own hardare is space contraint's, part's avalibility where I live and prices. They are high.

Edit2: If there is any other good alernartive dedicated server peovider that won't break a bank like hetzner, please recommend them.

Jellyfin on a vps (
submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by [email protected] to c/selfhosted

I have a jellyfin instance running with radarr/sonarr/... for my media needs on my vps.

Problem is that I don't have huge amount of storages and I would like to expand the storage until I'm able to make a personal server ( I don't have space where I live for even a mini pc rn ).

From the options that I have been considering the contabo ( my vps provider ) storage expansion are quite costly so I have been thinking about hetzner storage boxes or a backblaze b2 bucket mounted with rclone/s3fs.

The problem with backblaze is that I use hardlinks with my *arr suite so to save up on space so I'm not sure if I can mount them preserving the hard links.

What would be your thought or reccomendation? Should I get a hetzner storage box and just mount it or is there anything else I could do until I manage to make my own personal server?

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