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I also want quotes back instead of screenshots of text.

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Ah yes, I bet thou canst also skip the booting part when thou runst software on thy compooter. And Jehovah (or an idol of thy choice) forbids any configuration or upgrade requiring a reboot.

Any domain registrar/hosting provider that does not require propietary software to run?

If thou dissectst this even more clearly thou wouldof noticed OP asked about running a domain registrar or hosting provider, not using their service. Also the word was propietary.

Now, if thou excuse OP's imperfect English thou can find a clearer description below:

one that can be used without running nonfree programs

Like virginity, it's either with or without innit, or doth thou prefer thy olive oil lightly fucked?

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static sites [are] not suitable for any business or professional use

I wouldn't agree with this statement, there are plenty of businesses and professionals who are only on the interwebs to share their contact, biography or product knowledge base.

That being said, there are VPS providers running on libre software like vpsFree.cz which I use and can recommend. There should be more out there but I don't keep track them, sorry.

There's much thinner chance there exists a registrar caring about thee or thy software freedom though. People at sr.ht, LLC talks about setting up one but so far it's just talks.

OpenNIC registrar (only be.libre seems to be functional) work without JS and thou can prolly ask them to license the site freely but non-ICANN domains are not practical for business or professional use due to the low adoption.

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I get thy stand on this, personally I also have to compromise my software freedom to register my domains, but again OP asked to avoid X and saying after doing X you won't have to is not answering the question.

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The question wasn't about avoiding installing but running proprietary software.

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The separation is pedantic, but you can have dynamic websites without JS or with free ones. The argument is basically the server-side software only see the data you input, but client-side malware can extract information or do other nasty things you can't observe or prevent.

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Gandy or namecheap

I'm pretty sure they require proprietary client-side scripts to function as well.

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Accidents, disasters and fights are not safe to be around for obvious reasons, but from experience as a native the locals tend to be rather curious and any unusual gathering is a good sign that one of those is happening.

Trying to help the injured without expertise can make it worse. If the police is already there, they know what to do, otherwise call for them (113), firefighters (114) or an ambulance (115). Try not to obstruct the road (as we witnesses tend to do ;-).

You might get into political trouble by documenting the event against the canonical narrative, though yuan in bribes is very unlikely to get you anything but confused faces. Official fine for misinformation or causing panic is unlikely outrageous in your currency, given you don't sound like there's any financial burden to casually travel to Việt Nam.

Good press is the number one concern, so I can't think of a scenario where it's worth it to pin a foreigner down for a crime. A corrupted officer would try to get bribes from misdemeanors, e.g. traffic violations, instead.

Once again, it's not an invitation to try to jump in to help. Crowds behave poorly in emergency, or in case of traffic accidents, drivers won't look out for you and can collaborate with you to make a new one. It's best to watch from afar and call for help.

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Pleroma and Akkoma FE can also display conversations as trees.

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Changed the URL to [email protected] which proxies the video, but yea wtf

I think I found our anthem (piped.privacydev.net)
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One thing I never understood about these glasses is that while allegedly blocking blue lights, they do not at all affect white balance. It's not like blue light is UV or IR, wakanda snake oil are they suppose to be?

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Horse taxi

Cat sleeping belly up on retail counter

Cat holding a cigarette in its mouth

Motorcycle with mirrors replaced by handheld ones

Car crashed into tree with sign that reads "every 45 minutes, one person dies of traffic accident

Cat inside GPU box with tiger illustration

Person standing on top of a tree looking down to someone else waiting below

Covfefe? Ugh. (slrpnk.net)
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Jacket with Louis Vuitton logo captioned as Lord Voldemort

Road not going through the gate

Students trying to climb the school's wall with razor wire on top

Two students writing with entangled tethered pens

Mango hanging on altar and used a an offering

Barbershop with "dumb hair-cutting" written on its roller door

Street lights' LED decorations in the shape of a V-string

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Utility pole with hundreds of wires attached

Guy riding a bike with goods triple his size in between

Dog looking at a flip flop stand

Mannequin wearing t-shirt and shorts with 500 kVND pattern

Elephant at a gas station

Dog peeing on a wall which reads "he who pees, is a dog"

13-storey-and-still-growing matchbox-shaped house

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Altarware used for eating

Supposedly dragon bush

Student ID with cat picture in place of portrait

Unreadable ad with LED letters not staying in line

Youth waving Vietnamese flag on the back of antique-style tourism van

Sweet potato whose half is burnt to charcoal

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Person meditating on top of a roof

Cat hanging on to banana bunches

Brotherhood drink (cross glass) gone wrong

Cat poop on pillow, next to a staring cat

Unicorn waterpark raft used in a flood

Badminton racquet providing grids for an m,n,k-game

Smiling traffic officer pointing at camera

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I realized that the kitchen was running out of lemon and lime after frying some tofu, so I ended up mixing the shrimp paste sauce with balsamic vinegar as the substitution.


  • Sour and slightly sweet
  • Lasting longer than the fruits


  • Lacking the freshness of citrus
  • Distracting flavor

I'd rate it 5/11, works but not worth trying.

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