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just chillin n you?

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another comment

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yoo scoopta, how you doing?

i was looking for glpaper just the other day, but forgot the name :(

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this subreddit and our discord server are our only official channels at the moment. [...] More may be coming soon

This (taken from the announcement) or similar phrasings were used everywhere. I apologize for any misunderstandings.

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If you want any sort of verification, feel free to ask on the Discord until a Reddit post is up.

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Locking this so discussion can happen in one place. Please refer to the other post.

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I think you are misunderstanding; we already moderate this community (check the sidebar).

We decided to move instances, as we don't fully agree with the administration here, and the instance often seems to be down.

We are currently re-evaluating this decision, although the general public seems to be fine with it.

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I briefly checked the Reddit thread.
I'm not sure what your username there is, but I think you must be misunderstanding something; throughout all communication we were never opposed to a Lemmy community and kept hinting at "more platforms coming soon"

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hi lis how are you doing?? i just wanna say i am also super cool

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hello i would like to apply for mod, i am really good mod, i have a history of making good mod, thanks for consideration

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