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I don't think I've seen anyone else here with an 8:9 monitor, so I'll break the ice! The color theme is Layan Light; everything else is stock KDE.

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I will never be done tweaking and adjusting things, but for now, this is how I want it.

I do wish I had more control over things like Discord and Steam. Some of the colors and things just dont fit well with the rest of the style but o well, cant make everything perfect.

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/Wallpaper: https://wallhaven.cc/w/yxley7 /Global Theme: Breeze Dark /Plasma Style: Spectrum Classic /Icon: Papirus /here is a few more screenshots for the 2 people who are interested: https://imgur.com/a/7QhS8YN

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switched from Fedora because I lose write access to my home directory, Wallpaper: https://w.wallhaven.cc/full/3l/wallhaven-3lyl1d.png

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here goes the stuff you probably already know about!

  • distro? || parabola
    • it really isn't parabola, i just added the repos from parabola to an arch install
  • stuff shown in the screenshots?

notes section

  • every link with a bold style has a comment left by me, even the image in the above spoiler :p
  • i'll post every 3 weeks or so, but i feel like these are getting VERY annoying so i may instead do it every month or something lol
    • next time, i'll make something out of another weird-ish colorscheme i find in Gogh or something, i will obviosuly change more stuff because currently i'm just doing the same stuff (wallpaper change, same music player, the TERMINAL(s)!!!!)
      • also, feel free to recommend anything!! tell me if you don't like something so i can enhance it!!!!! i highly appreciate it!!!!!
  • ignore what i was watching in invidious, i thought it would be funny to add it to the screenshots spoiler extras

respect to @[email protected] for being awesome sauce

also, here's some extra screenshots:

screenshot (spoiler to avoid clutter)

ok bye :p

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This is my first time trying both hyprland and wayland. My friends have been bugging me for quite some time about switching to wayland but I'm just to comfortable with my dwm setup. So far I really like hyprland though and I might actually keep using it

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App Drawer


  • OS: Android (Stock) using UAD

  • Launcher: Kvaesitso

  • Theme: Follow System (Dark)

  • Wallpaper: Muzei

  • Icons: Delta Icon Pack

    • Using syncthing fork to backup and restore the theme between my tablet & phone.
    • Works perfectly even though I have fewer apps on my phone, but missing apps are just ignored. No broken links/icons, which is great. Images taken from tablet in landscape.
    • Not quite "Reproducible" & "Declarative," but pretty close for Android. This is the first time my Android devices have been the same in theme and organization. I love it.
[Sway] Nord everything (lemmy.sdf.org)
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  1. WM?
    • hyprland \\ i'm just staying for the blur at this point
  2. distro?
    • ultramarine \\ aka the cooler fedora*(tm)*
  3. browser?
  4. wallpaper?
  5. wtf do you have open in the other librewolf window???
    • 4get.ca \\ proxy search engine that respects your privacy! BTW, will is very cool and i respect him a lot
  6. colorscheme?
    • N0tch2k \\ finding the origin of this is pretty messy, the most i got was a devianart profile and the original repo containing the colorscheme

NOTE: i rewrote the photon, firefox, discord and 4get themes i made for biscuit just for this lol

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This is a woefully underpowered laptop I got for free! I'm working to make it into a secure portable machine (since it does support secureboot & TPM-backed disk encryption) to take on the go that I don't fear losing. This is mostly for doing programming & study, on stuff that doesn't require high-performances, so the 2 gigs of RAM are just about enough for regular use -- and it prevents me from being distracted, as I can't load most website on that poor thing…

I'm using 2 bars -- I originally only wanted to use a vertical one, unfortunately not all waybar modules support rotation, so I settled for this, which works quite well in my experience :3

Stuff I use:

  • Catppuccin Frappe as a color scheme on most things
  • Emacs for programming & taking notes (org-mode my beloved)
  • Alacritty as a terminal, with the fish shell
  • Firefox (fuck chromium)
  • stmps as a music player, connected to my selfhosted Nextcloud instance, with a bunch of songs obtained through legal means (obviously)
  • Waybar for a bar, with nm-applet for controlling networkmanager and blueman-applet for controlling bluetooth
  • fcitx5 + mozc for japanese input
  • dwl with the following patches
    • ipc
    • toplevel management
    • touchscreen
    • autostart

I will probably release all my configs in an organized way once I feel like this setup is closer to completion.

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crossposted from: https://feddit.nl/post/14881487

  • color scheme?
    • biscuit \\ respect to abb3v for incorporating me to biscuit
  • window manager?
    • hyprland \\ i tried river but my key binds keep dying out of nowhere
  • wallpaper?
  • i see a cool post in there, could you link it?
  • note: if you hover over some links, you'll see cool messages i left!
    • another note: if something looks off, then it's because i probably messed up markdown while typing this
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A minimal desktop setup.


  • Programs: Emacs, Devdocs, pfetch, imv
  • WM: Hikari
  • OS: Void linux
  • Art by: Escher
  • Dotfiles

Recently switched from Guix to Void, mostly because it's much simpler and I felt that my desktop didn't need the complexity of Guix.

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Do you use or know of any cool module for polybar that allows to manage notifications, especially if they include a no-disturb mode or even let us see previous notifications too like some kind of rofi menu?

[i3] gruvbox (lemmy.world)
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[hyprland] yellow biscuit(s) (rimgo.drgns.space)
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  • colorscheme \\ biscuit
  • the quality of the image is bad!! \\ don't worry, i know! that's why i'm placing all three below YOUR bulletpoint! (blame imgur for the bad quality of these)
  • who made the wallpaper? \\ read the text in the screenshots! (i'm too lazy to retype it)
  • why did you type so much text inside the screenshots? \\ i like talking to myself!
  • why do you keep playing with the name of the colorschemes you use? \\ i have fallen to the hands of my as(th)ma

final stuff: thanks for reading

oh and also, i think i'll crosspost this to the other unixporn (i may not do this, but i'll try to remember to)

EDIT: fix on the links not working

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After the update, most of my themeing broke so I just finished getting everything working again.

Distro: Fedora KDE Spin

WM: KWin

Global Theme: WhiteSur

Firefox Theme: WhiteSur

Start Page: NightTab

Minecraft Launcher: Prism Launcher

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DSLinux was a port of the Linux kernel and some basic software to the Nintendo DS. As you can see, it also works in Delta.

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  • OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed
  • DE: Aster Desktop Environment
  • Compositor: LabWC
  • Panel: sfwbar
  • GTK Theme: Mint-Y-Legacy-Dark-Red
  • Icon Theme: Obsidian-Red
  • LabWC Theme: Equilux-compact

  • Browser: Mullvad Browser
  • Terminal: sakura
  • Music Player: qmmp

EDIT: I have uploaded the script and install instructions to Codeberg

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