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Yeah that message would haunt me for life.

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Honestly, I'm at a loss. It's so hard to get a single school of teachers to stick to one policy, let alone at a district or state level. When I send an all-staff email at my school (and they're occasionally important with scheduling details), Outlook often tells me that only 67% of them even opened it.

I feel like you'd either have to: a) incorporate cellphones as a tool in class and have standard repercussions (e.g. 1st/2nd time earn a detention, 3rd time earn a Saturday school) for kids texting/on social media, or b) do something like a box on the desk so it's visible but they can't touch it.

I just don't think it's possible to ban them at school. Too many parents don't respect any school authority figures after COVID with all the culture war stuff (fight to return to full day school, fight to not wear masks, fight to censor bipoc and lgbtq+ books/lessons/celebrations, etc.). I think either way, it'll just end up being another shitty part of a teacher's job.

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They were all pretty close to the books except that they cut out a lot of the pointless bickering that kept happening all the time, so I'd blame JK Rowling for those.

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I work in a high school in a California school district where they're discussing banning cell phones.

Most teachers I've talked to about it think it's really fucking stupid because you're not going to be able to ban them, partly because a TON of parents showed up at the school board meeting to say they would send them with their kid anyway for a variety of reasons. The board also talked about different things they could buy to take phones and lock them up during class or as students come in. Most of the solutions were pretty expensive, and some of the schools are literally falling apart, so that also pissed people off.

A great start would be to have a campus-wide rule that is CONSISTENT. Some teachers give out a detention if they even see the phone. Some do activities with QR codes and use them as tools. Some have boxes on the corner of their desk and students are required to keep their phone in the box so the teacher can see if they reach for it. We have students with free periods, and if they don't go home, they hang out outside around campus or in the library. Should phones be banned then too? Or just during class?

There are so many ways to try to deal with it, and at least in my school (not even the district as a whole), every teacher deals with it differently. I doubt the state of New York is all that different.

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We must've stumbled on the same Appalachia videos! I was hooked! He treats everyone with so much respect. Thanks for the reminder that he exists! I have a bunch of videos to catch up on.

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That's even more complicated than I thought it was. I'm not happy about it either, but I'm also not a protest voter, so I'd have voted for Biden either way.

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Our system isn't set up that way, so feel free to throw your vote away, but please don't convince others to do that. Some of us don't have the luxury of indulging in protest votes.

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Honestly, skincare advice is the only thing I still look at reddit comments for. There are some REALLY knowledgeable people on r/skincareaddiction with great routines in a wide range of affordability, and others who comment with their own results using the same/similar routines and products. I would have no idea what I'm doing without having learned there first.

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Oh. Yeah. I just googled it. Boeing and Lockheed Martin. I had even read the article, and it doesn't mention that Boeing owns ULA anywhere.

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At least you have the professors from Rose Hulman to hang out with. And some pretty old strippers, if my brother's college stories are true.

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Anywhere not on the coast or high in mountains, yes. I'm in a large valley, and summers can be pretty rough. Not Phoenix rough, but still rough.

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Sure, no problem. Zero down at 7.125% on a home that now costs $350k, but only cost $150k about 5 years ago. I'm sure that's affordable for a family right now.

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