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There are parts of the U.S. that are much more grounded to real issues that actually effect them and are not interested in the culture or political wars we commonly see on social media.

Glad to hear other parts of the world are still functioning socially but it is a shame that are politics are invading. Maybe its the new oil!

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We are suffering with that all along the west coast.

People complain and bitch all the time then just vote in the incumbent or a recycled version of them. Mostly because those already in power have bent their knee to corporations and lobbies, so as long as they play ball the campaign funding will keep flowing.

Most primary attempts are just drowned out by the money and fatigue of voters seeing too mant candidates that say the same thing... so incumbet it is.

Then comes the election where they get to choose, the same old thing OR some maga qanon crazy ready to take away basic human rights.

It sucks.

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The moment AI discovers how to use prop comedy this planet will be doomed and Carrot Top will be chairman of the board.

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Its easy to put out car fires but when it comes to the batteries EVs have its a different game. Entirely possible it started with one or with something else. But once an EV is on fire and the batteries go, theyll need special equipment and training to put that out. Likely they didnt have those.

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I was permanently banned for reporting too many bots.

I appealed and it was reinstated but just proves the point of how bad the bot situation is there that a user reporting bots would get banned by an automated system.

Fucking clowns have no idea how to fix their shit and only adds more work.

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Its almost like a single saying cannot be used to void an entire industry.

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But her being a great singer will last forever. Which is what we are remembering. Kinda weird that people are shaming that. Celebrate peoples talents and the things that brought them joy, not what was controversial or brought pain.

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Has anyone done the math on if Musk would give all his money away to all U.S. citizens how much would that be to each one?

Or even Musk, Gates and Bezos combined?

Update: A bot did the math: $723 and $1535 But after the cut from lawyers it should be about $8

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Ive been called a nazi for liking firearms.

Meanwhile, I openly support antifa.

So im not sure this is completely accurate.

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No shit.

"Buyers will pay extra for bigger houses."

Who wants to pay me for my astute analysis?

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Thats pretty much what is happening in Seattle.

Of places ive biked, it has to be the most pro car, bleeding edge of dying, designed by a moron area I have ever seen.

If you have trails its full of pedestrians, people with pets, homeless campers on the path and no clear markings for bicycles. So you end up weaving in and out making sharp turns and constantly having to slow down. Then theres the incomplete trails where you have to cross a parking lot, dirt lot, crossroad, some private property. Oh did I mention they have old railroad tracks that will really fuck with your tires and usually get stuck since some of them run parallel with the trail.

Then theres the city... where we occasionally have marked lanes but you better be comfortable getting close to drivers and hope that they have 360 cameras. The steep hills, heavy signage, usually distracting weather, heavy outsiders (usually first time visiting the city) and foreign drivers (have never driven in their life) are all a perfect storm to make any bicycle commuters life a living hell.

Finally we have the wonderful designated, cordoned off bike lanes... that really dont have barriers, usually just a flappy thing that has been ran over so many times no one really notices it. Delivery vehicles usually park in them because conveniently the city decided to leave the openings large enough for a vehicle to enter. You might get police, the occasional tourist parked in the lane too.

But hey! We are ranked one of the top bicycle cities in the U.S. and pride ourselves on force feeding that to everyone because we are a shining beacon of car/bicycle/pedestrian nirvana.

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With a splash of Fantasia!

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