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~~Chinese~~ company ~~bytedance~~ tries to fragilise ~~western~~ democracies episode 1937392

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I tried Wayland for the first time last week and my first reaction was "wtf this is so smooth". But some stuff was too funky so I went back to X11.

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No, it's standard corp level behavior that's beholden to government censorship and propaganda when it doesn't fit the narrative. You can substitute any big tech company in the US for Google. They all do this. It's why the government is not a fan of TikTok, they don't have that same level of control over the flow of information.

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On behalf of teen me and adult me, fuck off

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I unspoofed Librewolf back to Firefox + Linux. That way I'm not contributing to Chrome and Windows market share and perceived dominance. Plus the more people don't spoof, the less of a need there will be to actually spoof at all as the Linux market share increases.

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Ads with a chance of rain

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Who said anything about asking? The updates continue until the profits improve.


Personally, I want nothing to do with them and I'm not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I moved to the Fediverse to get away from all these corpos.

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