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Als Arzt und Geschäftsinhaber hast du 10000 andere Sorgen. Gut für den Arzt, wenn er mit seinem Email-Provider ein Problem weniger hat.

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i am genuinely worried about you. please reach out to a friend.

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That's what I had in mind too. Tar's arguments are really intuitive.

x - eXtract

z - use gZip

v - Verbose

f - File (requires the path as an argument)

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Perfect username for this post

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Nature Valley disappeared off the shelves where I live and it makes me so sad ;o; I feel so lonely without my weevils :(

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I only use Windows in corporate settings and OneDrive / file management has been the single biggest pain point for me, by far.

  • Deleted files magically reappearing
  • Files not showing up after saving
  • Confusing save location of files
  • Confusing navigation in the file manger

Windows tries to copy Apple and fails miserably.

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Damn, you have a store that specializes in maps, that's cool

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fixed, thank you!

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you're right, my bad

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what ever happened to the teen on skype writing :3 and uwu and ilu everywhere? ;-; maybe i wasn't happier then but at least i was looking forward to things :^) it's b-better than being misewable right? :c

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GreenWing is a Heavy Indie band that features singalong hooks & driving rhythms -

Featured in the magazine North Sask Music Zine

Help me identify this song? (self.alternativenation)
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It's not Rick Roll, I promise.

I heard this song on CHYZ FM - the student radio of Université Laval, Laval, Québec, Canada. I recorded a sample and attached it to this post. I tried searching for the lyrics as well as feeding the song into Shazam to no avail. I listened to the top ten English songs on the radio station's website, it's not one of them.

I messaged the radio station on Facebook and am waiting for a reply.

I don't even understand most of the lyrics acoustically, but here's my best attempt:

I'll let you meditate on this


(?) the switch, my mind could just shut off (x2)

And with a word from you the pain would go away

(?) my mind will shut off

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Translated and adapted from the video description:

The 1st stage of the Arden Challenge - a Belgian cycling race held in the province of Luxembourg, in Wallonia - could have gone very wrong. 10 kilometers from the finish line, a runaway horse interfered in the race and started chasing the cyclists. Its presence clearly disturbed the cyclists, who fortunately did not fall. The animal was then stopped admirably by the young Belgian rider Lars Daniels (Antwerp Cycling Team Kontich), who, given the situation, intervened immediately.

My mom uses Linux, btw (self.casualconversation)
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I installed Debian + KDE on my mom’s laptop. She hasn’t had a complaint since. How tech-savvy is she, you ask? I’m sitting with her right now, so out of politeness she put on headphones to watch her favorite soap opera. Mind you, the headphones weren’t plugged into the laptop. She was sitting there, headphones on her head, sound coming through the speakers, watching her soaps like this is how it’s meant to be done.

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