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Team fortress 2. The best game of all times, if not for the bots

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Imagine scanning encrypted messages

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So what are you working on exactly?

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The meaning of life is to find the meaning of life

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You can always try, it fixed my issue when I couldn't hear anything on my laptop yesterday(I run pop os)

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Try reinstalling pipewire or pulseaudio

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Try searching this " rom xda developers"

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Because windows is not preinstalled

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The game is cool but too complicated for me

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I just know the history of my country, not the russian version of our history


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A map project

Hello everyone, I have an idea to make a map with fog of war, when you walk you explore new areas and points of interest but you can't see unexplored areas. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, what is your opinion?

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Even from people that never lived in a communist state

edit: im 17 and i hate communism


Google is going to release new manifest v3. How could it harm uBlock Origin? And will Firefox and Safari become the only major browsers that fully support uBlock Origin?


Still better than chrome...


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How can you use such an operating system now

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