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Correction: how do you sleep after seeing something on the Internet?

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…what even…

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I disagree: Atari has been more profitable than lately, I think. The console is rather nice: it just needs one more joystick to rival the gamepads.

My VCS is colored like when the original Atari VCS debuted in the 70s while my 2600 is the 80s Vader model with a matching joystick.

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I would rather play that on the Dreamcast.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Soul Caliber 2

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I could’ve sworn I posted it myself.

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I understand that. I feel the same way.

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I remember seeing this in theatres and gettings scared of all the human characters in the film.

I thought the writing was confusing and offensive and took shots at superheroes in general (Edna).

The scenes often flip-flop between scenes and actions in two extremes that suggest bipolarism.

The characters are abrasive and ugly, and I remember being traumatized by Syndrome, Gilbert, the teacher, Edna, and Jack Jack all who I despise with a burning passion because I was overstimulated by the over-the-top acting.

I would prefer to read actual superhero comics because they had better writing and art even though this blockbuster was intended as a homage to the medium but I found it offensive.

The workplace scene was just…horrible.

Makes me grateful not to work in an office.

Honest Trailers did an episode praising the film but I disagreed because I didn’t like the film at all.

No other film has come close to traumatizing me since I watched the film when I was younger.

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Here I am making use of this group.

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Reminds me of a Cody Jinks song about that.

Listen to Rock and Roll by Cody Jinks and maybe that will help with your anxiety.

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Thought I’d post what I made to show you folks.

Not sure about a question, but I was just showing this community what I made for lunch because I hear that BLTs are really popular in Britain.

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Glad I own a Switch then.

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Awww, hi!

Just like spiders, crickets, and stinkbugs!

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