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[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 8 points 3 months ago

Shit yourself in front of her. You may need to prepare with laxative beforehand.

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 14 points 4 months ago

So they were targeting another baby?

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 10 points 6 months ago

Rich daddy = bootstraps.

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 45 points 7 months ago

Elon loves drama and attention. Responding to his idiotic tweets with outrage is exactly the kind of drama he craves.

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 33 points 8 months ago

You know someone’s worldview is warped when they defend Putin. Ukraine didn’t attack Russia. It was Putin who first stole Crimea, then invaded the rest of Ukraine. How is Ukraine corrupt for simply defending itself?

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 8 points 8 months ago

What we need is to see CEOs become unemployed by 40 or 50%.

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 101 points 8 months ago

For the sake of my sanity, I'm not going to read that article. The headline is bad enough. Utterly beyond comprehension.

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 0 points 9 months ago

No, it's a strategy to sell you an expensive cable. Apple always do this, create a problem and offer an expensive solution.

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 24 points 9 months ago

No, they'd be able to afford the best lawyers. It's the poor who would be punished the most. We already have fines for not recycling properly, even though the rubbish all gets mixed back together in Turkey or China and burned anyway. We have to use soggy paper straws with our drinks while the rich blanket the atmosphere in burned fuel from the private jets.

[-] ThisIsMyLemmyLogin 60 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

No. As the effects of climate change become worse, people will migrate to cooler places, which will only push up prices in those places. Poor people will be left to live in uninhabitable and uninsurable areas, while the rich will get to live in comfort.

Climate change is essentially a class struggle, like everything else in life. As long as the 1% don’t have to suffer, nothing will be done. To get the rich to do something about climate change, it will have to affect them directly.

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