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This is a very interesting and useful device. Thanks!

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If you want to practice xenophobic discrimination, this might not be the instance for you. This behaviour has zero tolerance here.

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The above poster specifically "corrected" parent commenter, knowing very well the conspiratorial xenophobic notions he was propagating. Most Anglo people never talk about China/Russia (or any country that is NOT a "western neoliberal democracy" or its vassal state) in good faith, because Cold War McCarthyist poison is filled in their heads, resulting in a knee jerk reaction whenever they see the words "China" or "Russia". There is no reason why Anglosphere participants should be given benefit of doubt, when instead of following by example, they continue to get more vitriolic everyday. I am happy that Russians cannot be dehumanised on Lemmy, considering how much of a cesspool Reddit is.

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They folded like paper when it came to keeping subreddit blacked out.

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Best I see that this makes its way to the media. When USA can bail out all the banks, protecting an important propaganda machine like Reddit becomes very easy.

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I am not offensive when I say this, but I think you will treat socialists as a lot more friendly when you stop being bombarded with and/or consuming media that propagates Cold War McCarthyist crap. We live in very turbulent and toxic times, and I think if you can see some light now, you could make it to the end of this tunnel.

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I am trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel of your comment, trying to find something wrong. It has been a few hours. Please help me, sweetie.

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3 years on and I am committed to bolstering Lemmy and being its vanguard. I have decided that Fediverse will win, and so, it will win. There is no room for error, and no tolerance for corporate Western tech companies' abuse of users.

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Everything is archived by ArchiveTeam. The only worry should be reinstating it as an online searchable archive, which will probably happen too.

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If you deleted your Reddit account, your content is disassociated and it stays behind, unless you used a tool like PowerDeleteSuite to automate replacing comment text and then deleting.

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