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This is an incredible picture!

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Gotta love those curly back paws, what a charmer!

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Hahhaha that is unfortunate. Had always imagined New Zealand with amazing weather myself tbh!

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Thanks a lot for sharing, got a long train ride tomorrow, will check them out then! ๐ŸŒป

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Indeed, multiple countries come before the US on this chart too if I remember correctly.

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Ah yeah, also keeping most things in the "format" of wood here haha, just feels like much better quality most of the time and lasts longer, thinking specifically about kitchen utensils.

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Glad to hear about this! Everone has to start somewhere :) I am upost interested in these podcasts you mention, am an avid podcast enjoyer myself, so if you wouldnt mind sharing which ones you listen to?

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Hell yeah, saving this for later use! :)

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Also; had never heard of Movim before, seems like quite the cool project - am also planning on startin my own blog so this might be the perfect solution for me :)

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Wow! Thanks for sharing! LOVE that logo you spray painted onto the laptop - a nice touch. Did you design the logo yourself too? It should totally be the logo for the Solarpunk Technology Community!

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Damn! A neat mix of everything, thanks for sharing :)

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Absolutely! Thanks for sharing :)

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Kind of curious what tech people own, everything from small to big tech. Assuming solarpanels are a given for a lot of peeps here, or maybe will be in the future. But what other tech do you own that you're happy with?

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This is an absolute banger of an *unoffical album.

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Am curious if Solarpunk music is a thing or not yet? If it is please do share some links to tracks to check out, am very cruious. If it isnt a thing yet, what type of music do you imagined it would be like? I found this on the Tubes, which is very relaxing, ambiance type of music. This is personally the type of music I have in mind when thinking solarpunk.

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Hello! I recently listened to a podcast that talked about how storing media files in .av1 format is very efficient and storage-friendly. I've been storing my files in .mkv format, but now I'm considering using Handbrake or a similar service to convert all my video files to .av1 if it's more compressed than .mkv. So;

  • What format do you store your media?
  • What is the optimal way of storing media?
  • Do you use handbrake or similar services (feel free to suggest) to convert media files?
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Hello, I'm relatively new to self-hosting and recently started using Unraid, which I find fantastic! I'm now considering upgrading my storage capacity by purchasing either an 8TB or 10TB hard drive. I'm exploring both new and used options to find the best deal. However, I've noticed that prices vary based on the specific category of hard drive (e.g., Seagate's IronWolf for NAS or Firecuda for gaming). I'm unsure about the significance of these different categories. Would using a gaming or surveillance hard drive impact the performance of my NAS setup?

Thanks for any tips and clarifications! ๐ŸŒป

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hot take?

Edit: got nothing against Ubuntu, it's Linux after all and that's what matters ๐ŸŒป Edit2: people took this very seriously for being a shower thought..

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Welp I guess this is the perfect example of companies not deleting your credentials and account info when asking for it... I deleted my Notion account several years ago. And completely randomly today got an email from them about data retention, assuming this is one of those "important" emails they have to send out. Sadly, years ago I wasnt using email-aliases like I am today, so still stuck with them having my email. Fuck I hate this so much. Thought I'd just share this lesson, use alises my friends!

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Have no idea what it is about, other than being decentralised. Some basic search results suggests that its a sham, scam and riddled with crypto ideas. Or is it apart of something noteworthy? Geuinly curious what the general consensus is of the Web3.

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Wondering if my next upgrade should be an OLED screen or not. It looks amazing, but how is the current compatability with Linux these days? Anyone with one of these sexy screens that would like to share their experiences?

  • What screen do you have?
  • TV or Monitor Screen?
  • Do you have multiple screens?
  • What brand / model is recommended?

Lemmy know! ๐ŸŒป

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Recently started selfhosting FreshRSS - and while it is really good, i have a few hicks with some of the feeds im fetching from, for instance Its Foss. As seen in the extremely long screenshot below(Picture2), to illustrate what I mean, the feed is extremely cluttered with addtional small icons and pictures. Just to clarify, this is the default view - I have not clicked to expand it or whatnot.

While I normally dont mind this, the feeds from Its Foss are always loading in at full length, e.g. the full article - and they are quite lengthy. Even though my settings are set to not unfold by default;

Other articles who only have a title, picture and first sentence of the post, see Picture1. Is there a way to force articles not loading at full? I have a vague memory of somone linking a RSS filter tool a while back but not able to find back to it, and not sure it solves what I am looking for. Or have I just configured my settings wrong, and not able to find the setting that makes It's foss load in full?

Let me know :)

Picture1 (How I wish for all posts to be like):

Picture2 (How I do not want it to be like): External View link here

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While it being a little more expensive, sooo worth it. Bread in picture is a fresh sourdough bread. Yummsy!

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