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Ubuntu because it requires the least amount of hack fixes to get working.

And snap has vastly simplified software installation.

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That's rather optimistic. I'm pretty sure it's daily. Although, perhaps it's only once a month that it gets upvoted

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This is the catch 22 of PC gaming. On the one hand you've got people complaining that the latest games require high end hardware to run on release day - and simultaneously at the other end of the spectrum people are complaining that supporting low end hardware is dragging a game down?!

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Enscape provide real-time photorealistic VR rendering for architectural software ( https://enscape3d.com/features/architectural-virtual-reality/) so with some conversion of the geometry from unity the only missing link is interactivity.

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I've never understood 4k. Surely it's better to play high settings on a QHD screen than medium on 4k?

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I'd actual prefer they avoided going for photo realism, it always tends to fall short. The art style they've developed works really well - realistic detail and form but with a plastic sheen and strongly saturated colours.

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I've been playing a ton of Cities Skylines II since its release a week ago. After building a 230k population archipelago I started playing around with the in game cinematic video tools and this is the result.

This is 100% in game footage and effects using the Photo Mode. Recorded using the Microsoft/Xbox Game Bar, only editing was to trim the start and end.

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Have you considered moving your email away from Google? It's easier than you'd expect

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I think the question is flawed and so are the responses. You all wrote far too much so I cba to read

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I have been meaning to ask, can Shelly be used to turn existing light switches/circuits smart? I have four separate light switched each for a single light, and I'd love a simple solution so if I turn one switch on all four lights come on.

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Following the announcement of Visual Studio for Mac’s retirement, for the next 65 hours we are offering a 65% discount on new subscriptions for Rider, the only cross-platform .NET IDE.

The offer is valid for a new one-year personal subscription purchased before 6:00 am UTC, September 4, 2023.

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