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-Unrest in the Middle East as Israel and Palestine refuse to reconcile

-2 years on, the war in Ukraine has no end in sight

-The climate crisis keeps getting worse

-America debates how to categorize Mexican food

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Christian evangelicals are the worst offenders. You would think that they would support Palestine on the basis that their Christian population is the oldest Christian community in the world but no. They have to support Israel because of "end time prophecies", "Rapture/Revelations" or other bullshit.

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Big Milk will not accept any threat to their cash cow! This is outrages!

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I'm an American and I'm thinking about moving to the Netherlands sometime in the future especially if a "certain presidential candidate" gets elected. Now, I've never been to the Netherlands or anywhere in Europe for that matter. Everything I "know" about the country comes from Youtube videos/channels that brag about how great it is. One of the things that gets that touted the most is the cycling infrastructure and walkability. As someone trying to move away from car dependency this seems to be a no-brainer. Amsterdam seems like the obvious choice but I've been told that Utrecht has a better cycling infrastructure. What do you think?

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No love for GMOs?

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Gentlemen, it's true; soy makes you effeminate weakling. How dare you consume genetically modified soy products when you drink some ~~packed with hormes~~ dairy and ~~filled to the brim with estrogens~~ BEER?! BE A MAN! DRINK MANLY DRINKS! HIT THE FUKIN' JIM AND GET SHREDDED AND PUMPED! TAKE SOME FUCKIN' TREN! ~~Just ignore the fact that trenbolone and other anabolic steroids will give you gynecomastia and lead to accelerated hair loss.~~

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This video might explain a couple of things.

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If I may suggest a certain tune?

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Oh boy! It's "Cultural Marxism" all over again. I wonder if an incel somewhere is going to use this as a justification for committing mass murder, a la a certain Norwegian.

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So we honoring bigots now? What's next, an Anders Breivik statue?

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I've been debating if I should get R1S or the new Bronco and repairability will be a factor for my purchase. I'm pretty sure many of you have seen the $47,000 fender repair bill story but I as far as I can tell that is an extreme case. Not to mention anecdotal. However, Rivian is still a relatively new startup and (from what I can see) doesn't have the network nor the infrastructure to provide for repairs be it certified service shops or DIY repair. EVs in general are not as 'open source' as traditional ICE cars (yet).If I'm wrong about this, please do correct me. The Bronco, on the other hand, is based on the current Ford Ranger and (again, from I what can see) seems to be repairable and already has a steady aftermarket. What are your thoughts and experiences?

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Their ilk aren't receptive to subtlety. Everything has to spelled out for them like little children.

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I know that I'm 9 days late but thank you for the tip.

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Soviet anthem intensifies

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If you ever find yourself tempted to buy a truck and/or SUV, just remember one thing: they're not worth it. They're a societal nuisance. They're a massive pollutant. The maintenance, repair, and insurance will cost you a whole lot more. Aside from the aforementioned pollution, They're overall environmental impact is egregious. These monstrosities are best left alone.

If you ever have to do any sort heavy work, rent one instead. Want to live that outdoors lifestyle? A sedan and/or hatchback will do. Just buy a bike and roof rack. Got a family? Again, sedan and/or hatchback will do but also consider a station wagon. Better yet, buy a cargo bike like the Urban Arrow or the Dutch bakfiets. These are way better options to those climate-changing abominations.

I know what I'm writing isn't anything groundbreaking but I'm writing this mostly get something off my chest in relation to a dream I had last night. The dream itself was quite boring: I was driving around in a new Ford Bronco. The thing was that, in the dream, I was quite happy about it. This happy feeling was still felt when I woke up. For a brief moment, I was thinking about buying a Bronco. I soon returned to reality. But I'm not going to lie; the temptation was strong. The temptation was made stronger by nostalgia. I grew up with these kinds of vehicles. My dad worked in labor-intense, blue collar jobs that used trucks. He even owned some himself. But, once again, they're not worth it.

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Firstly, I'm aware that my question gives the impression that I hold anti-urbaninst views but that's not the case. If such a measure were to be implemented I would fully support it. I'm merely curious as to what would happen to emergency services if a total ban on personal, motorized vehicles was enacted. I'm especially curious to how cities or even countries with low car dependency handle EMS.

Looking for mods (self.meal_prep_ideas)
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If you're interested in being a moderator, simply message me and I will consider approval.

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I'm going to repurpose my S21 since I just got a new phone that could be rooted and have the boot loader unlocked. However, I've told that the U.S variant of the S21 (Snapdragon 888) can't be rooted and have the boot loader unlocked. Is this true and I'm simply chasing a pipedream? Or can it actually be done?

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Quick heads up: natural parks = any place that could be considered outdoorsy. Think national parks or famous lakes like Lake Tahoe. Forest and wooded areas can also be included.

Anyways. Instead of ~~wasting my money~~ buying a bloated 4WD truck/SUV or even a AWD wagon like the Subaru Outback, I could just buy a roof rack for my 4 door sedan, buy or even rent a mountain bike, buy some outdoor/hiking gear and I'm all set. But then I thought of something better: how about I get rid of the car all together? If I go the car-free route, I now have to consider how I'm going to get there. While I could go cross-country on bike (and I do plan on doing that anyways), I was wondering if some quicker forms of transportation (excluding cars) could be an option. Do buses and trains go to these places? Would they allow me to take my bike? Thanks in advance!

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Especially those that have either never gotten a video game adaptation or are underrepresented in video games. For me, I would love to see Gambit game. The X-Men series as a whole (independent from the larger Marvel comic book universe) has a lot material for a video game. Yes, there has X-Men games in the past but I want to see solo Gambit game; in style of Arkham Knight. But that's just my idea. What are some of yours?

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I installed this modpack for GTA 3 but for some reason it gives me a 'insert disc 2' error even though this is on Steam. Thanks in advance.

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I'm new to advocating for urban planning so I don't know where to start. I know can attend city hall meetings and even email the mayor but I feel like those aren't effective solutions. Any advice? Thanks.

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I'm trying to make a döner kebab at home (derived from this video). I want to add the three following ingredients to the bread recipe: vital wheat gluten, diastatic malt powder, and dough conditioner (or enhancer). The pide recipe itself (again based off the video) goes as follows:

200g warm milk

10g instant yeast

535g bread flour (totaled)

4g sugar

245g Water

40g olive oil

8g salt

How much of the additional ingredients will I add?

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Today was my first day seriously going car free and despite some literal roadblocks ahead I think it's doable. Any tips taking this further? Thanks in advance.

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