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Their cover of Judas is also very good!

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GOG is DRM-free, so it's the better option. They're otherwise identical.

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Better hope Springfield doesn't get hailstorms though...

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PC. The console versions only support mods from bethesda.net, and are far more limited in mod scope and availability. PC has access to Nexus and other sites for mods, and there are tons to choose from. Mod managers make modding your game pretty straightforward as well.

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You're used to in-bay automatic washes, but there are also tunnel washes that use a conveyor to pull your car through it. You need to be in neutral for the conveyor to work. Tunnel washes aren't as common in North America compared to Europe.

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They're authoritarians like the Nazis, but they aren't Nazis. They like Stalin's approach to authoritarianism instead.

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Some days I wish the Rapture really will happen just so these fucking trogs finally leave us alone and we don't have to deal with them anymore. Religion brings the worst out of people.

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gasp H-how lewd!

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Fuck off with that nonsense. If you can't see the difference between an actual theocratic fascist party (who makes no attempt to pretend otherwise) and a milquetoast neoliberal party, you're either wilfully ignorant, misinformed, or here to spread disinformation.

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