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I was heading towards my 12 cake day, I think a lot of us who have moved to lemmy remember leaving digg so it might it easier for us.

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A very reasonable response, well said.

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Cool guys don't look at failing social media sites, they just turn around and walk away.

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Damn imposters

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Try looking by new and scrolling quite far.

Let's be honest though, there isn't much content here and so many communities have barely any posts or comments.

Reddit used to be the same.

Let's create something great together.

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I cancelled Nowtv because it added adverts and you have to pay extra for 1080 which is ridiculous.

So I started watching some of their stuff on Beetv... Then I started looking at my other streaming services.

I stopped torrenting because streaming services made it more convenient. It no longer is.

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It's a bun

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It's early days for even the oldest lemmy apps, they will all improve vastly and quickly. Enjoy the experience of watching them grow into their own style and function.

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Wait a minute!!! Reddit was fucking you lot too?!!!!

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Yeah but after reddits actions I feel wrong using the place.

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I've been checking on the boost and save3rdpartyapps over the last couple of weeks and now boost won't load any content.

Bye bye Reddit I guess.

Soon be time for boost to launch that rocket on Lemmy

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