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I don’t think unraid and the IDRAC care about each other.

Good to know!

From my understanding flashing it will effectively remove the raid capabilities from the card, which then in turn allows Unraid to do its job effortlessly without the potential for weird issues arising, is that correct?

Also before installing Unraid are there any BIOS settings i should make sure are set correctly?


I've scored two Dell PowerEdge T420 servers at a steal on Facebook Marketplace. I'm gearing up to install Unraid on one of them, and could use any insights available. Will Unraid play nice with iDRAC? Also, I've seen theres talk about flashing the RAID controller - any firsthand experiences or risks I should be aware of doing that process? Your insights mean a lot!

I did find out that these servers were used for Chia crypto mining. I'm bracing to swap out hard drives over time.

Here's the scoop on the setups:

Server A
Make/model: Dell PowerEdge T420
Service Tag: 4RM4P22
CPU: Xeon E5-2440
Memory: 32GB
OS: Windows Server 2019 Standard
Storage: About 14.5TB
2 x 1TB Dell SATA
2 x 2TB Dell SAS
2 x 2TB Dell SATA
1 x 2TB Toshiba
1 x 2TB Hitachi SATA
1 x 500GB Toshiba SATA (connected to internal SATA port) (current OS location)

Also has a dedicated iDRAC Enterprise port.

Server B
Make/model: Dell PowerEdge T420
Service Tag: 2Y59J02
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2440
Memory: 32GB
OS: Windows Server 2019 Standard
Storage: About 14.3TB
2 x 3TB Dell SAS
1 x 300GB Dell SAS (current OS location)
1 x 2TB Toshiba SATA
1 x 1TB Dell SATA
1 x 1TB Seagate SATA
2 x 1TB Dell SAS
2 x 1TB Seagate SATA (connected to internal SATA ports)

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When they didn't get a hug first, we'd get "What am I, chopped liver."

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Pretty buttons and the ability to scroll and see all my configs in one window with a single click

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Honestly, portainer makes my life so easy

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Is this what you were thinking of, Homeworld?

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What rss reader are you using? I've been using feeder and have like it so far. Also have freshRSS running but don't use it so much

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If companies are smart, they will develop that feature and market the heck out of it as a selling point

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How is doing these days? Haven't been there in years

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