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He can go with Almond

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I was concerned about my eyes so I asked google before.

Gemini said it is ok to stare at it

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True if big

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Google promised I lol'd

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Macragge's Honour

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Damn ninjas chopping invisibles onions again

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Also beating up your students on the parking lot sound very fun to end the day but have no value in education

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Maybe the lab is late because of all those penises to check

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J'applaudis dès deux mai

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Je suis toujours là en lurk, je poste une fois par mois ヅ

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Alors que "c'est vous contre on" c'est rigolo et potentielement ça peut désamorcer une situation conflictuelle

Updated an old meme (sh.itjust.works)
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This image right here commissar, no I did not see it

Ignore the mortar please (sh.itjust.works)
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First the illegal propaganda stop broadcasting and now this…

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Any goods peoples on Lemmy know where I can find the sounds from the game?

Right now I just need ¡Helldiver a la capsula Hell! as a ringtone so it will end with recording the game but it is sad that even the soundboards from the first game seem to have disapeared from the internet

alt=A space soldier is facing eastward since even the rising sun cannot dazzle his managed democratic sight

He wear a fancy cape and the heraldry of the Helldivers an elite corp from Super-Earth

He hold a pump action weapon designed to spread liberty into the enemies of humanity

Text is a low-key popular meme about being angry and start speaking gibberish

Born to Dive

Galaxy is a Fuck

Democracy{written with kanji} Kill Em All 2184

I am Super Earth man

410 757 864 530 friendly fire incidents

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