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Blaming remote work, the avacado toast of 2023.

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I don't remember being confused. But it was definitely one of those movies where I had to sit for 15 minutes after the credits rolled to process the emotional impact.

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Is that a real petition that the government will actually look at or a meme one like all the others?

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No, you misunderstand. You're thinking of DHCP. The parent poster is talking about CGNAT, where hundreds or thousands of customers of an ISP may share the same public-facing IPv4 address. It's impossible to self-host anything in this scenario, there no way around it and DDNS won't help you.

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None of that is inherent to WFH, that's just your employers being assholes.

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It's almond juice. There's only one kind of milk, and that's moo cow fuck milk.

Edit: for the zoomers that missed the reference

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And who, pray tell, voted for the populist shitbags that ushered in the capitist coup that perpetuated fossil fuel and consumerist lifestyles at an accelerating rate and borrowed against their childrens' and grandchildrens' futures?

Carter tried to warn them, but it turns out boomers didn't like being called out on their shit, so they replaced him with one corporate stooge after another.

Boomers aren't entirely to blame, but they are far from blameless.

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actually I think it's a boy

cut to: water jet cutter at full blast

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Never thought I'd watch a 30 minute video about pencil sharpeners and enjoy it immensely, yet here we are.

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Oh sheeeit! I used revanced on Android, but I had no idea there was also a Firefox extension for that. Thanks!

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There are ferries.

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It seems that space would be perfect for the community title. If the title's too long, it could be truncated with horizontal scrolling.

Edit: problem solved!

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I've noticed this in the larger threads (several dozens or hundreds of comments), scrolling becomes extremely laggy.

Edit: the lag doesn't seem it be caused by large threads, but by threads containing comments with embedded images

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