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Und wenn man es dann nicht macht verliert man eventuell Stimmen.

[-] RQG 2 points 5 months ago

Never change a running system oder so.

[-] RQG 3 points 5 months ago

Passiert das nicht jedes mal?

[-] RQG 7 points 5 months ago

Spoiler, es konnte nicht eindeutig geklärt werden.

[-] RQG 1 points 5 months ago

Das klingt richtig gut. Ich bin begeistert.

[-] RQG 9 points 5 months ago

Der kann sich nicht wehren, sonst wird ihm das Geld gekürzt.

[-] RQG 13 points 5 months ago

Guter artikel. Könnte meinetwegen deutlich schärfer formuliert sein aber sehr interessant, wie gut man das nachvollziehen kann, wann und wo die Komponenten hergestellt wurden.

Konsequenzen wären halt cool. Aber ich hab da so ne Befürchtung.

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Als jemand der in der Dokumentenprüfung in der Qualitätskontrolle gearbeitet hat, kann ich sagen, ja das ist viel Bürokratie. Aber das meiste vom geforderten wird aus anderen Gründen ohnehin in vielen Branchen zb Lebensmittel meist ohnehin direkt abgefragt. Oder es wäre eine extra Seite in einem 25 seitigen pdf in den meisten Fällen. Macht also den Kohl nicht fett. Rein von der Machbarkeit denke ich gar nicht so wild, ist meine Einschätzung.

Ob es dann zahnlos ist wird sich zeigen. Den Versuch etwas zu verbessern abzubrechen weil es ja auch nicht klappen könnte führt zu stillstand.

Und wenn die FDP etwas blockiert ist das meist ein gutes Zeichen dafür, dass es was bringen könnte.

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Ich würde zustimmen dass ein Verbot alleine nichts bringt. Das behebt das Problem mit wachsende Zuspruch für rechtsextreme Populisten nicht.

Allerdings kann man Populisten nicht inhaltlich schlagen. Sie täuschen immer vor die perfekten Inhalte zu haben und die schuldigen zu kennen. Es geht ihnen nicht um Inhalt.

Man muss sie rhetorisch und in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit schlagen obwohl sie nicht fair spielen, lügen und betrügen.

Wie? Ja kein plan. Das hat seit social media kaum mehr jemand geschafft.

Dazu muss man wirklich die Probleme der Bevölkerung angehen. Auch wenn es der Oberschicht schadet. Aber da ist die FDP ja bekanntlich raus.

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Another one for my once in a lifetime crisis collection.

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He doubled it!

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Some games have so much setup required that it cuts too deep into the game time.

Imo Gloomhaven is only worth playing if you can leave everything on the table in the basement until the next session.

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Earlier today I was browsing through shelves at a toy store to look for a last gift for one of my daughters. That's when I hear an excited voice ask one of the store employees 'do you have dungeons and dragons?'. I listen in and learn that they do not have any DnD material at all and also can't order it. I walk a bit closer and see 3 12 year old ish boys and a girl with disappointed faces. The employee also can't help them where to find dungeons and dragons products.

Now I live in Germany where you can't find dnd boxes at the likes of Target like in the US for example. In fact I know of 2 stores in the whole city which carry DnD books and material.

I step in and ask if I may help out with the question. I tell them that there are 2 stores which carry the books, dice and more on the other side of the city. They said that's far away but they'll try to go there in Saturday.

We get talking and they tell me about how they are looking to start a dnd club at school and also play at home. They got a set of dice and saved around 70 euros for a book and maybe some more dice and such. I tell them that'll buy them the players handbook which is a good starting point and maybe some extra dice.

They ask me if I played as a kid and I said yes, in fact I still do and I'll be playing tonight. That's when I made a weird decision in my head. I had all my stuff already with me so I don't have to go back home between work and game night. I opened my backpack and gave them my copies of the PHB and Monster Manual. They were super excited and actually insisted to pay me but I'd have felt bad taking money from them.

I didn't want to post this as virtue signaling stuff or anything. It was just kind of a crazy decision I made that I think was kinda cool. They just reminded me so much of me when I started out. We were lucky to get our first dnd books gifted by an older brother of one of our group's members. So I wanted to pay it forward. Now I just have to figure out how to run tonight's game without my books.

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For the Song of Ice and Fire miniature wargame.

submitted 10 months ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

I'll do the bases for the whole army at once at the end. For now these are finished and I'm happy with how they turned out for such a quick paint job. I'm especially proud of Cersei's hair.

submitted 10 months ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

I recently got into my first tabletop Miniatures wargame, a song of ice and fire. This is my first unit painted. Before I only ever painted DnD and Pathfinder minis which at best I used for OPR fantasy Skirmish.

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Hey. I was told having issues controlling anger or emotions in general can be related to ADHD. I know I get WAY angrier than anyone should ever be sometimes.

Especially when injustice and ignorance come my way. I get furious beyond anything I've ever seen or heard of anyone else talk about. Maybe aside from depictions of killers or berserkers in fiction. It's not cool.

Only a few times have I gotten in trouble for it luckily and I never actually done anything more than shout the most disgusting insults at someone.

Now I do feel bad afterwards if I got angry at someone I like. But often enough I feel they fucking deserved it. If someone is an ignorant asshole willingly ruining someone's day, week or life they deserve some ruin thrown back at them. I know this might not be a good and healthy thing to think. But if someone provokes someone don't they ask to be yelled at?

I know they do this to 'win the argument' because of that imo idiotic notion that who yells first is wrong. But honestly I rarely care to be right enough for shit to matter.

I've read a few books on anger management and some techniques help a bit. But the amount of anger described in the book seems so very mild to me in comparison to what I experience and how fast it builds up. One book told me to count to three. I am ready to launch nukes before I reach 1. That won't work.

And I don't get angry at something. I have pure rage and fury, hatred and contempt for existence itself at those moments. Angry really doesn't cut it. It's scorched earth, blown it all up and piss on the ruins kind of anger.

So anyone else experience this? Any tips to deal with this shit?

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Hey everyone.

I got the steam game on a sale some time ago. Now my wife is playing it a lot more than me through family share. Her birthday is coming up and I'm thinking about getting the game for her as it also won Spiel des Jahres this year.

Have any of you played the game? I'd be happy to hear any experiences you want to share.

D&D Characters (lemmy.world)
submitted 11 months ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

Owlbears (lemmy.world)
submitted 11 months ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

Who doesn't like Owlbears? The snowy one is inspired by the dnd movie. The brown one was a partly failed print I had to fix with some green stuff.

submitted 1 year ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

My second ever attempt at Object source lighting. The model asked for it and it looks a lot better than the first mini. No airbrush used. Also holy crap this is difficult to take pictures of to make it look like it does in person.

Some more angles

submitted 1 year ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

I figured if I add some more goblins and trolls to my RPG minis I can build a goblin army for One Page rules fantasy.

submitted 1 year ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

If you look closely there are some parts where the 3D print failed. I got to hide some with green stuff and left the rest. Still decided to paint these and I'm pretty happy with the results. I think sometimes it's important to settle with good enough in this hobby.

submitted 1 year ago by RQG to c/tabletopminis

Do we even do terrain here? Well I put some minis on it so I am pretty sure this still counts. ;) I finally finished a large chunk of the terrain I had begun a few months ago so I put it on the table to see some possible layouts.

All terrain is crafted from scratch from XPS foam, sand, toothpicks, some bits, tufts and moss. Heavily inspired by Black Magic Craft on YouTube (namely modular ruins, dungeon tiles, pillars, dungeon stackers). The acid pools and spike traps I came up with myself.

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