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I don't think greed is necessary. I'd argue markets exist to cater to human wants and needs. If someone is using an inherently fucky system (as all non-voluntary systems are to some extent) to find happiness, then it's working at least a little.

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Weight and speed. The arm itself is hefty and requires a fair bit of torque to move around and you want these operations to be completed quickly.

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Am I misremembering or does it have a lot of made up terms?

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I need to get better at my fried rice, but I started as an adult so I'm pretty far behind. I did buy a butane burner and a wok for it, though.

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That looks fucking delicious.

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I didn't feel like trying to make the last sentence make sense lol

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The servers at a place that expensive make fucking bank. Looks like you do, too.

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If you say you're bi nobody thinks you fuck woks.

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I have no way to describe how tickled I am to hear that for the first time.

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