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I guess considering I used to work in Mission Control and participate in these simulations, the language used here is something I notice probably more than others.

The simulation itself was broadcast. The astronauts and the sim team were in Houston. The alarm originated from a computer on the ground in Houston. The comm loops that were heard were from a sim on the ground in Houston. This headline would make more sense if NASA was troubleshooting alarms on ISS and configured things such that those messages would be on a private channel but messed up and the public heard them. In this context the fact that it was a sim is important.

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Misleading headline. NASA accidentally broadcast a simulated ISS distress message.

Two very different things.

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There’s a reason that the term “Fandom Menace” and the saltierthancrait subreddit are things.

As a fan since the 80’s, and a woman, I’ve seen my fair share of toxicity, but nothing will compare to the level it’s gotten since the release of the sequels. I also hated the sequels, but goddamn the level of hate towards the actors themselves was just awful. There were many valid technical reasons to criticize those movies - diversity wasn’t one of them.

It’s definitely made us all look like idiots regardless if you were a part of the drama or not.

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Same and I’ve honestly wondered if it’s had lasting damage for awhile now.

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Bro…I’m an engineer who has had their fair share of math, science, and electronics/circuits/electrical engineering-specific types of classes.

I hated this thing…is it brilliant in a billion ways I couldn’t begin to explain? Absolutely. But was it a new method of torture for those whose heads can’t wrap their brains around it in ways that those like you seemingly can? Yes…very much yes.

That being said, I tip my hat to you and know that I am very jealous. Congrats, we need those like you and the contributions that come with it, so thank you. :)

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Thank you for letting me know that :)

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I hope the devs can tweak a few minor things here and there while leaving the most useful functions alone, change the name, slap a new logo on it and be back in business.

But I know nothing about how the censorship and the add-ons to circumvent it work and odds are it won’t be that easy.

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Appreciate the suggestion, adding it now!

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Thanks for the response - at least from my perspective, he always managed to fly under the radar compared to Thomas, Scalia, etc, but to be fair I haven’t been keeping a close eye on things in that arena that perhaps I should have been now that this is becoming so evident.

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Has Alito always been this way and just hid it? Like if you go through his previous rulings on religious issues, are they consistent with this worldview, or has the current overt extremism always been there but just more quiet?

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once you start researching copper in history,and religion,and see for yourself the power it welds

I’ve never tried welding with copper, but now I feel like I’m missing out.

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New research finds that the microscopic “water bears" are remarkably good at repairing their DNA after a huge blast of radiation.

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I upgraded from a 13 Pro to a 15 Pro. So far the only internet I’ve connected to since I got the phone is at home, but with 2 different networks (one is 5g but otherwise same router and everything).

I never updated the 13 Pro to iOS 17 because I knew I would be upgrading soon, but I never had this issue with any former phone and have been on this same internet setup since 2016.

I have an iPad Mini 6 that I did update to iOS 17, and it’s fine.

I’ve tried resetting network settings, turning off Wi-Fi assist, turning off networking and wireless in location services-> system services (saw that as a potential fix), and restarting multiple times, but it still randomly drops my WiFi signal on both home networks.

Everything else wrt network/connection on my previous phone is the same - VPN setup, etc.

My SO has a 14 pro & did update to 17 and does not have this problem.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve searched for answers and I see that this has been an issue off and on for the past few years, but one of the fixes I mentioned above usually seems to help I guess because I haven’t seen any other suggestions.

Could it be the phone itself? Is it worth exchanging it for another one before the 2 weeks runs out?

Thanks everyone.

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Long story short, I ran into Lae’zel in the cage just after we wake up on the beach in the very beginning.

I went by her and reloaded for reasons, but accidentally went a different way after that, forgot about it, & just realized she would be good to have as a Companion during combat.

I’m about to kill the goblins, and I went back for her at her previous location but she’s no longer there. Did I lose her for good, or is there still a chance?

Thanks everyone, I’m new to BG/D&D completely so apologies if this is a dumb n00b move, but I am one :)

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A board which helps the Roman Catholic archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, evaluate abuse allegations against priests and deacons in six cases found clergymen to be credibly accused only for Aymond to ignore the findings and conceal them from the public, a Guardian investigation has found.

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Lemmios is my favorite iOS Lemmy app so far, but I find that when I go to upvote a comment using the voting button next to the commenter’s username (top), I inadvertently collapse the comment.

Would it be possible to have both voting buttons either on the right side like posts have, or at the bottom?

I understand gestures are an option, it’s just a personal preference with the voting buttons. Old habits die hard :)

And if this feature exists, I apologize for missing it. I have looked for it in the settings but did not see such an option. Thank you for such great work with Lemmios!

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