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Elden Ring and Baldur's Gate 3 were worth full price. I assume GTA 6 will be as well. Make the game good and people will buy it, simple.

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I was thinking this

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This was really funny until that last part. What the fuck

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Mine is named Squidward

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Yep, I've been on medication for a year. The one I'm currently on has been a couple months. I'll consider asking for an increased dose, since I'll be getting a refill this week anyways. Thank you for the perspective.

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Recently, I've noticed a pattern where I work extremely hard when I'm catching up on things or behind in some way. However, the moment I create a comfortable lead in life, I proceed to waste the next few days until its gone. All drive is gone, even if I have ideas of things I can do to move forward. Is there any advice anyone can give on maintaining that lead and finding motivation to keep moving when you get ahead on your goals and responsibilities.

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Game consoles didn't come with a storage card, so you had to keep the game running or restart every time.

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Some materials have higher carbon emissions than others, in terms of refinement, processing, and transportation. The third point is location dependant, but creating and shaping different materials will have different contributions to global warming.

Edit: There are also concerns with the product's end of lifespan. How long it takes to biodegrades, how easily recyclable it is, and how much the available disposal methods will effect the environment. Plastic is not great on several of these accounts. Recycling plastic water bottles isn't very efficient either, compared to glass bottles for instance.

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Its almost as if a guy in STEM and a techbro are not synonymous

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Textbooks are pretty nice to learn things on your own or as a supplement to classes. If you can find free ones online or at a library, definitely worth it. Full price, not so much.

Edit: I know this post is about economics textbooks though, so I can't speak on those. However, I do think textbooks in general are a great resource that tends to get underappreciated.

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Just for personal reference, do you know when the statistics for this graphic were collected?

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