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Don't fuckin lie, those are not dry dreams.

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This looks like inspiration for kill bill

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Yeah I know. My point is the goa'uld would have no practical use for them, let alone one that stored sensitive data such as gate addresses.

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Stargate is riddled with stuff like this I wouldn't look to into it. One of my faves is the abbadon cartoosh . Yeah, and advanced race of alien beings is going to build a temple and carve shit into the walls to record addresses, instead of IDK, storeing that info on their super advanced computers.

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Jesus fucking Christ. Hesitated on my coffee after seeing this lol.

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Catholics believe in a religious hierarchy, Cardinals, bishops, Pope e.t.c.

Christians USUALLY think hierarchy in religion is almost blasphemous. But really it's just so they can kinda just do whatever the fuck they want and not worry about the Pope excommunicating them.

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Why does this look familiar to me

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Hey guys,

Just got CK3 after watching Viking and wanting to play with essentially royal court simulator.

Loving it so far, I have become king of all of Ireland with petty king Brian's son but I've got no victory screen.

Is this like other paradox games where there are short victories and long victories?

Essentially I'm wondering if it's time to start a new campaign or if there's some screen I can go-to to see my current campaign goal.

Any help would be appreciated, this community looks like it needed some love so I figure ask here before I search for an ancient reddit post.

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Hey guys,

So I've been an off and on player for several years now, some expansion always brings me back.... briefly.

Play styles . I can get down with a technocracy or the UNE, but they always feel like super easy plays. I'm never going to war alone, if at all. Migration and research treaties up the ass, ez mode. So I like being a war monger. Usually lean towards fanatic imperials, space Nazis, or machine exterminators.

I'm not trying to make it any ungodly difficulty. I'm only setting it to captain, and that's with the scaling set to late game.

My problem is the difficulties always seem to scale just fine until late game. Almost every play through, really close to end game date. I just start getting pummeled by fleets twice my size.

My most recent playthrough

Vanilla exterminators No advanced ai, no fallen empires Medium galaxy, 12 AI, captain, late game date 2550.

This was my best in a while. Only ended up losing after a few 100 years of constant war, some dude from the other side of the galaxy showed up in my territory with 2 fleets twice the size of mine. Not even my fully outfitted citadels with my entire fleet could withstand it. I realized in the diplomacy screen that I was being considered a galactic threat, despite never getting that ascension perk.

So my question is

#1 is a war like playthrough just really hard? #2 is this actually supposed to be easy and I just suck #3 is there some trick to war like playthroughs, some golden rule I'm missing?

Any help would be appreciated I really like the game, but I find it super lame when I play UNE or similar and no one goes to war with me for centuries at a time. I like space battles.


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