Season 2 Rewards - Predecessor Game (www.predecessorgame.com)
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I'm ded. Although my big trick lately is just adding 3x to whatever I think, and it works pretty well

Tackling Toxicity - Predecessor Game (www.predecessorgame.com)
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Away down South in the land of traitors..

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I'm married sixteen years and super happy. I guess it just depends on who you marry

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I'm in the middle of my first AB playthrough. I'm currently trying to figure out yellow science and it's like like I'm living in a dream world trying to juggle all these fluids. I almost need to start over I've got such a crazy spaghetti mess with all these fluids and minerals

This game is so good, and the mods make it even better

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Yep, other than ending up at Reddit because I'm searching for something, which I'll call passive use. My active use of posting and commenting is entirely on Lemmy

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Here's a list of dope stuff you could get into

  • volunteering (animal shelters, fire fighting, etc)
  • working out
  • hiking
  • YouTube yoga
  • personal finance / budget tracking
  • DMing/playing TRPG games
  • smoking meat
  • making bread
  • taking music lessons
  • get really good at giving amazing massages with a friend or partner (and swap so they can get good too)
  • building electronics
  • sewing backpacks and hiking gear
  • running
  • painting minifigs with friends (invite them over and have good food and chill music, maybe some herbal relaxants)
  • board game nights with friends
  • aluminum smelting
  • gardening
  • small home remodeling projects (painting, flooring, wallboard, new shower, etc)
  • painting (oil, watercolor, digital)
  • attending art atelier
  • crewing with a sailboat racing (just a chill beer league)
  • mixed art (wood, metal, sculptures, clay)
  • work through an entire cookbook
  • throw super fancy dinner parties
  • host block parties
  • join CrossFit / group workout and make friends
Devil May Cry (lemmy.one)
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Absolutely incredible post. I agree with a lot of this, and it fills in some great details about difference regions I've not gotten to visit.

I did the southern half of the AT last winter, and I used an umbrella, rain jacket, rain pants, and these lightweight rubbery fishing gauntlets from Japan. They are lined with a synthetic wool material and are fully waterproof. All in I was very comfortable.

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I played it through recently and enjoyed it. There are some bugs, but I really got lost in the world and the music.

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Yeah the content isn't quite as niche yet, but I way prefer it

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Good find. Honestly though I'm just glad to be on Lemmy, knowing if absolutely all else fails I'll just host my own server and listen into the fediverse. Can't stop the signal

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I used to make maps by hand. Over time I got better and better at holding on to where I was. I've read studies that playing 3d games increases spacial awareness, so it might get better over time.

Other options I do when I'm too meh to bother is mods to add maps and quest tracking if the game doesn't already have it

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