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I have no clue what you're talking about but feel your pain in this Stackoverflow-like thread. Accept this website as my condolences.

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git commit -am

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You're gonna be happy about cosmic-randr

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What's a folder comparator? Showing the difference between two directories can be done with diff -qr dir1 dir2 or with a gui with mold (one Google search away my dude). If installed via flatpak you may need to give it permission to your files (flatseal is nice for that)

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I can't find the shortcut to make the orange bar disappear. Workaround for me is to float and unfloat the window ( in tiling mode) mit Super+G. I know there is a shortcut for it, but I seem to not know the right word for that feature and the shortcut list by System67 and inside Pop!_OS don't mention them

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Yeah it works with IPv6, but my Vodafone router sucks ass, so I had to disable the firewall of the router all together

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Framework: We design our products to last, to reduce e-waste

Enthusiasts: buys their products even though they don't need new ones, just because they're cool, producing more e-waste in the process


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Is libre office calc not compatible with excel?

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Ok damit ich es verstehe: Du prangerst die Klassifizierung eines Gedankenguts als rechtsextrem bzw als links bei der Studie an. Aber sobald dies für dich zugeordnet ist, wäre es ja kein "Kein echter Schotte" Fehlschluss oder? Es geht also nur um die Kriterien die links und rechts definieren? ( Ich stimme dir zu das eine Dimension für eine politische Haltung reduktiv ist, dennoch ist links/rechts sehr gebräuchlich und in bestimmten Kontexten hilfreich)

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Kannst du kurz den logischen Fehlschluss aufdröseln? Check ich gerade nicht.

Also echte Linke (Schotten) haben Ansichten die als links klassifiziert werden können. Die die das nicht haben sind nicht "wahre" Linke.

Aber Linke haben ja linke Ansichten. Oder sagst du linke und rechte Ansichten schließen sich nicht aus?

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Still voodoo to me, but now I have a little guy I can ask to do most of the voodoo for me. Only need one of those for a stock android rom

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Is it the LCD display? I don't even have a monitor on my PC that's better than 1080p 60Hz should be fine for a phone

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Is the USB 3.0 with or without an adapter? Cause lightning has 1 pair of connections to a twisted wire too few for a 1 to 1 connection from the lighting to a USB A connector

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Is there a way to fold the comments besides the minus on top?

It's annoying to be 10 comments under a a parent comment and having to scroll up to the parent to collapse. The lines are already there. Couldn't we just have clicking on them collapse to that level?

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