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You don’t have to be attracted to men to make content solo or with other women.

Than I don't understand why men are whining. You can just have gay men pay your rent via doing sex work and posting images as well.

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I am not arguing that a male stripper makes more or less money. I am arguing against the shockingly widespread and completely delusional idea that seems prevalent online that all women can just simply earn money online by posting any pictures and apparently are all just too dumb to do so.

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Do you think women are all stupid to not simply get rich with feet pics and Onlyfans? I mean, you can't really think those incel theories of: "women just have to upload some pics and get money, I can't, unfair! Mimimi" are true, right?

Than all men can do it too. Just sell pics to gay men.

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The reason isn't that they believe men are disposable. It is that they believe women are inferior. Just look at the comments in this topic.

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You don't need to buy physical copies. Games from GoG and, for example, can be downloaded DRM free.

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The average Joanne also can't do that.

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Why do you think you can't do that as a man?

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Can relate. I was beat up by another kid of my age after practice because I beat him in a really small and unimportant Judo tournament. We were both 12 and his parents, my parents and the trainers all agreed that he just overreacted because he was scared the other boys would bully him. I switched to ballet afterwards.

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Me neither. Personally I have had more fun with Nightingale and Enshrouded and hope they will continue working on these games.

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With more people joining Lemmy and other decentralised networks there is a growing shift to the common misogyny and sexism we find on other social media networks (YouTube, Reddit, etc.).

I think it's pretty obvious that the reason is that there are even less women here than other places online. What are your ideas on how to change that? Or do you feel it is a lost cause?

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Real life dystopia has become so boring, people not directly involved intensify drama online to bring the conflict into their online lives.

An opinion piece I find quite fitting for Lemmy as well. I wonder how a "boring" just fact based rational social media would look like?

funny meme title (
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Was fällt alles unter das Werbeverbot auf Darf man zum Beispiel zu Steam oder Humble Bundle Angeboten linken? Oder darf man sie ohne Links empfehlen? Oder ist beides nicht erlaubt? Dürfte ein GameDev hier sein Produkt vorstellen? 🤔

Ich hatte irgendwie automatisch angenommen mit "Werbung" ist aufdringliche und kontextferne Eigenwerbung gemeint. Aber da es auch eine Regel gegen Spam gibt bin ich mir nun nicht mehr so sicher was in den Communities auf Feddit erlaubt ist und was nicht.

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Humble Bundle currently has a Bundle with 8 cozy Steam games

I never played "Here Comes Niko", so I do not have any experience with that game.

But all the other games in this bundle I played already and they are all great! Humble Bundle lately had a few bundles with mediocre and bad games imho, but this bundle is honestly a very good deal if you have the money to spare.

Especially "Witchy Life Story", "Assemble with care", "Alba a wildlife adventure" and "A Short Hike" are truly amazing imho.

There are also two coupons. I think it's kind of sad they started to add coupons to bundles, but Haven Park I recommend as well. Don't know the other one.

Remember that you can buy this bundle with friends and share the keys! ╰(▔∀▔)╯

If you need help in how the sharing or Humble Bundle in general works, please leave a comment so we can explain how it's done.

There is another bundle with cozy games, this one is on Fanatical. The Link to the bundle on Fanatical

Fanatical may seem a bit suspicious, but apparently it's an official reseller of keys. At least I couldn't find anything bad about the site and I've used it in the past with no problems. Again, these are keys for Steam.

"Them's Fightin' Herds" is a fighting game with ponies drawn by Lauren Faust!

"Floppy Knights" is a turn-based strategy game with cards and a lovely protagonist and story.

"Garden Story" is an action RPG with a cute story and art.

"Kitaria Fables" is a farming game with cute art and a bit of hack&slash. The only game of that type that you can play in Coop, as far as I know (but only on the same PC).

If you only want to buy the smallest tier, I'd personally ditch Kitaria Fables because it sadly is a bit buggy and grindy at times.

If you need a 5th game I'd recommend Wall World! It's not cozy but rather stressful. :P A great game regardless.

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Communities werden bei mir nicht richtig synchronisiert. Ich habe das mit einem Account auf einer anderen (mit verbundenen) Instanz ausprobiert. Auch nach 2 Tagen sind die Beiträge für meinen Account hier auf in der Community nicht sichtbar.

Dazu ist die von mir hier auf erstellte Community aus den Browsern und verschwunden. Sie war vor einiger Zeit definitiv noch darüber auffindbar.

The Nova game siblings! (
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Nova Lands has been released on Steam. It's a Sci-Fi builder with chill music and cute pixel style.

I played the prologue Emilia's Mission, which is sadly not available anymore. :( But I thought the game was really fun.

It has a bit more depth to it than one might think from the looks of it. Since you can optimize the automatization of your crafting processes and use drones to do some work for you. A small warning: you can die in the game from a lack of oxygen and I think if you anger the bees too much they sting you.. a lot .. :D So it's not 100 % friendly.

There is also a game called Lost Nova, by the way, which is also a cute Sci-Fi game which costs a bit less and is not a builder, but an Open World Exploration game.

So don't confuse the two. ( “・ω・゙)

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The first game I ever played of the genre was probably Wandering Willows. It's quite old, release was in 2009. It was very different from all the other games I played up until then (which was mostly Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mortal Combat and the like xD).

You are stranded on an island and have to fulfill quests and help the villagers. As a companion you can catch various pets and level them. There is also farming and character customization.

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You can find a lot of Free Demos for nice games on Steam at the moment! My favourite Demo is Go-Go Town.

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This community is about cozy and wholesome video games, no matter the platform.

Share screenshots, reviews, news and talk about games that give off those special vibes. (Yes, Valheim can be cozy too!)

You can visit directly via this link: Cozy Games

If you want to subscribe to the community you can also search for [email protected] and then join by clicking on Subscribe.

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