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Nobody ever needed an SUV to be safe. But companies need to stop selling reasonable sized cars if favor of SUVs to maximize they gains..

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Welcome to the German gerontocracy. The obsolute majority gives a fuck about anything other than living their remaining years as well as possible, conservative politicians have completely abondoned actual topics, positions and discussions for the most rediculous culture war bullshit imaginable and the media is parroting their narratives 24/7.

Any actual progress is drowned in propaganda to reverse its effect (for example the law change to reduce co2 in the heating sector managed -after months of lies and desinformation- to create a massive boom in gas-heating instead).

And just yesterday the CDU in opposition (and biggest party by polls) demanded to revert the EU's ban on combustion engines (that doesn't exist in the first place but is just a conclusion following co2 reduction goals) and other climate goals (including those implmentd by them years ago) because we can't strain German people and the economy with "EV madness"...

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Dir ist doch nicht etwa aufgefallen, dass die von der FDP öffentlich gelobte "Technologieoffenheit" schon im Erstentwurf enthalten war und sie das trotzdem nicht abhalten konnte, das Gesetz noch 3-4 mal zu blockieren um das, was bereits drin stand, nochmal zu fordern? Wie konnte das bloß passieren, wo es doch so subtil war, dass es professionelle Journalisten scheinbar nicht bemerkt haben?

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Why are the AfD's actual narratives and goals still sugar-coated in every international retelling?

No they did not "discuss expelling immigrants from the country".

The discussed nothing less than the deportation of immigrants, German citizens with a generational immigration background and for good measure also adding German citizens not agreeing to that.

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Nee, Ablenkung: Es ist egal, wenn die Leute noch hundert mal klar für das Verbrenner-Aus abstimmen. Am Ende haben sie dann nämlich gar nicht gemerkt, wie ein weiteres Propaganda-Märchen (es gibt gar kein Verbrenner-Aus!) Teil des öffentlich Diskurses geworden ist. Und Konservative können noch über Jahre hinweg mit Forderungen Stimmung machen, die längst erfüllt sind.

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Behind closed doors in the actual workings of the EU things are different.

But there is an universal law that you can always dress unpopular but neccessary EU decisions or compromises as "Germany made us do it" at home and can always get bonus points if you tell the story how you bravely fought Germany to push through a popular EU decision.

Basically the same propaganda for domestic a audience in slightly modified form that Orban has made an art form in Hungary.

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Hey Manuela from paragraph two, you should talk to Manuela from paragraph one.

Pointing out that this idiocy only works with a massive amount of cognitive dissonance is nothing new...

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and falsely imply that they are being


No, in the majority of cases this is not a false implication but a documented fact. And even if they are not antisemites themselves those people are always happy to stand side-by-side with antisemites if those amplify their messaging, but out of the completely wrong reasons.

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That already happened a long time ago.

On one hand nazi is just a meaningless word for "I don't agree with them" but on the other hand the actual risk are all those left-green fascist degenerates trying to destroy the country... Why would the fascists have called themselves national socialists if they weren't left. *wink wink*

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Germany actually has a stricter domestic law already than what the EU is doing here.

But reality of course never matters. As long as Europeans can tell themselves the fairy tale of how they successfully fought those bad Germans for every slightly positive achievement, they are happy. Even if it's actually too little or meaningless or just virtue-signaling. Or several of those things combined...

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Er ist offenbar besorgt, durch den von den Grünen initiierten Niedergang Deutschlands und wir müssen jetzt ganz dringend zuhören, auf ihn zugehen und ihm klar machen, dass wir seine Ängste verstehen!

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And I mean, of course they do... that's the definition of "conservative"

That was the definition a long time ago. Nowadays it's not about resisting progress or conserving anything. They actually fight hard now for progression... into the wrong direction.

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