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You should check out Dan Flashes if you want some really amazing and complicated patterns.

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I have no real reason to upgrade to 11 from 10. My system doesn't have any hardware that 11 can take advantage of better than 10. At this point I'm just waiting for 11 to finish baking or 12 to roll out. 11 doesn't natively have a vertical taskbar.. like... come'on. Who needs a 32" wide taskbar?

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What you're calling radioactive waste is a marketing term. In nuclear power it's referred to as unspent fuel. We're just getting to the point in our nuclear power technology to be able to use the rest of the "radioactive waste". It's why we don't bury and seal off the storage sites. It's still fissionable material with the right technology.

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You shouldn't keep your TOTP and passwords in the same place. All your eggs in one basket kinda thing. If your account is ever compromised somehow then you've lost everything.

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The fascists have helicopters and jets... Hope you got some big bullets

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ACAB; All Conservatives Are Bad

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So then you're not affected by the tax. Why are you complaining about it?

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Do any of those sources you've been following call out that there are empty homes owned by investors and other types of landlords because it's cheaper to let it sit empty than lower rent? There are no homeless families waiting for housing to be built?

Our housing crisis is artificial because Canada turned real estate into a retirement plan

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You're making over $250k in capital gains on each move every 2-3 years and complaining about a 12% tax increase? I mean, to be very rude, fuck you.

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Knew it all along; Jennifer was the second shooter!

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I've been watching Taskmaster NZ and Creamerie and realized there's a whole untapped market of content I (🍁) must be missing.

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Gosh darn is this series far too horny. It's not bad but it's just so horny that it's just awkward to watch.

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It claims to have a Dimensity 9000 SoC and if you include 12GB of RAM this seems pretty powerful for a very inexpensive price. I can't find any reviews on it though.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Not sure why the Aliexpress link doesn't work but here's the screenshot and specs

Model No.: Tab14
CPU: Dimensity 9000 Deca Core (Latest 10 Core)
SIM/TF: 2 SIM Card Slots (Nano SIM) + 1 TF Card Slots (Maximum support extension 128GB)
Screen: 8.0 Inch 4K Screen
Resolution :2560*1600
Camera: Front Camera 24MP+ Rear Camera 48MP
Memory: 12GB RAM+512GB ROM/6GB RAM+128GB ROM
System: Android 12 System
Battery: 8800mAh High Density Lithium-ion battery
Unique Back Cover: Hot Bend 3D Plating Gradient Glass Back Cover. It is art, it is also technology!
Net-Work: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3G: WCDMA850/1900/2100MHz, 4G,5G
Multi Media: MP3/MP4/3GP/FM Radio/Bluetooth
Multi Function: Full screen, Face recognition,Screen finger print, Dual SIM, Wifi, GPS, Gravity Sensor, Alarm ,
Calendar,Calculator,Audio recorder ,Video recorder, WAP/MMS/GPR, Image viewer,E-Book,World clock
Languages: Multi-language support

Seems super sus...

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Any recommendation for an 8-inch tablet? I currently have a Samsung A7 Lite and it's a decent enough tablet for light tasks but wouldn't mind getting something with more -- everything, other than screen size.

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