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The thing is these are established methods with clear instructions but I can't get the right numbers for whatever reason it's really making me question if I'm even a chemist. Blowing glass, now that sounds pretty fucking hard actually

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Me at my job right now. Apparently titrations and loss on ignition is some of the hardest shit to ever do in science

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Pfahahahaha typical tankie cope

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What a work of art. Reminds me of Bill Burrs rant on Steve Jobs.

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I'm expecting a continuation of the same neoliberal nonsense but one can dream.

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Maddog Mattis was never a Trump loyalist. As a matter of fact ended up resigning because of his bullshit.

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I must call a doctor because I have a boner that's been lasting way more than 4 hours and it just keeps getting harder with every new headline I read.

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Also being in a fucking cult

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I hope he gets decapitated. It's just a joke. But that joke also happens to be what I actually wish would happen.

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He was obviously asking to load her up with his XY chromosomes

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Update: The consensus seems from Lemmy and my friends seems to be European Starling. Thank you so much everyone. I was concerned on what kind of diet this fella should be fed, looks like I have somewhere to start now.

Having issues contacting the wildlife shelter at the moment

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Marines Operating (
IR(ule)A (

We live under corporate feudalism

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