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oh when I saw the title I thought it was a meme showing people sleeping or something, this unit exist? Poor guys, they are 2 without knowledge :-(

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When I turn on airplane mode it turns off everything but of course I can turn wifi on just after. But all the phones I have seen when you set in airplane mode it turns off cell wifi BT even nfc

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What's the difference? the name of some keys? Layout is the same, no?

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The mark II is horrible and keep falling from the sky!

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Tanné de cette bullshit, arrêtez avec votre retour au travail, on y retournera pas! Je suis en télétravail depuis bientôt 4 ans et jamais je ne retournerai perdre 1h le matin et 1h le soir dans les bouchons, pour m'asseoir derrière un ordi et faire des Teams avec l'Europe et les USA, jamais.

C'est pas mon problème si les petits cafés hipsters du centre ville ont du mal, et que les tours sont vides.

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I'm wondering how many months/years it will take HP to destroy the Juniper brand...

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And strangely enough those kind of guy live in a million $$$ mansion or condo and spend $50'000/month on frivolities, even in bankruptcy

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It's incredible that I was on reddit for 13 years or something, daily, maybe I spent 20'000 hours there. Then I dropped after the API fiasco (I'm a SyncPro user) and never went back, I have no clue what's going on since ~July and I don't care and I don't miss it :)

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I agree, it was a good movie, hopefully it does not get destroyed with sequels

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Spawn as a daemon, and be sure to kill the child before

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Vous avez reçu ça sur vos cells? Un stagiaire qui a fait une fausse manip?

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I guess it was Reagan? again?

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My Y daughter is doing well, maybe it will be shitty for her to buy a house or condo but she can. My Z one, yeah, I'm helping her, paying stuff here and there like groceries, microwave, etc, she's in her own flat and all and is not too bad but still, rent is 40% of her earning. It's ok to help your kids.

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Something happened in QC a few weeks ago like this. A IIRC 60yo person who donated blood all his life, went to a donor center, there was a lot of empty seats so he wanted to do like he has done for 40 years, take a seat and give blood, but no, nurses told him he has to register and make an appointment on the application. So he left.

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it's coming to Ottawa/Montréal...

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Things like Bee-Link, Miniforums, and others?

I have a bee-link SER5 with a 5600H, for 10 months, this thing rocks, it's like 4"x4" it's incredible!

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