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We caused, indirectly or even directly, many of the causes that people are trying flee from in their home countries in Latin america.

The vast majority of them are trying to flee gang violence.

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They will be safe to eat indefinitely, but may not be palatable, depending on how it's stored.

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He talks about the intersection a lot, but the main problem with this intersection has nothing to do with the intersection itself. It's the surrounding area that backs up into and causes it to fail.

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I hate it cause its lethal, wasteful, and stupid.

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If you're gonna go through all this trouble, why not put motors directly into the wheels? Then you can bypass the drivetrain all together and directly power the wheels.

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A good bet is alternative media, things like kurzgesagt, verisitium or other science outreach programs.

The other thing is education, engage with his education, and teach him yourself to think critically.

And I hate to say it to say it, but religion conditions kids to brainwashing. Even if not extremists.

Feel comfortable pointing out flaws in Christianity and question them with him.

And lastly, try not to be argumentitive. You need to carefully tease him out of these beliefs, not destroy them.

That would feel like you are attacking him and will probably be counterproductive.

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I think it could've used a few more years, because its still not that fun.

Exploation is meaningless, which completely takes the fun out of it. There's nothing interesting to discover.

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But GMOs themselves are not bad, its capitalists leeching off the rest of us.

GMOs will be necessary to reduce the environmental impact of humans, because they need less space and resources, saving more for the environment.

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Why does the author care about raytracing?

Hardly anybody uses raytracing on desktop why would they do it on a phone?

I have a 3080 but I never use raytracing because it's not worth the loss in framerate.

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Valve ships a linux device in the form of the steam deck, so almost certainly.

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Calcium carbonate, is the main ingredient in tums, and is the main component of limestone.

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Only if it equally applies to men who get someone else pregnant out of wedlock.

Also it's supposed to be federally illegal.

The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 (PDA) makes it illegal for employers with 15 or more employees to discriminate against women because of pregnancy, child-birth, abortion, or medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth. Pregnant workers must be provided with the same benefits and accommodations and treated the same as non-pregnant workers who have similar abilities or limitations to their work.

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