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Well now I'm just confused about how I am supposed to read the image. Like... It's numbered 1 2 3 4. Is that top left to bottom right? Which one is the "last" one? Which one is the "first" one?

I could probably just look it up, but ehh.

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Ahh yes. Reminds me of my teenage years. Experimenting with Marijuana, pirated MP3s, and the Milkdrop visualization plugin for Winamp. Those were good times... Real good times.

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It's going to be relentlessly compared to OverWatch. It's basically an OverWatch clone with Marvel characters.

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It is however acceptable at the supermarket when a product says "Made with 100% white meat chicken"

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I'm not sure I would call it consentual when you are strongarmed into a shitty contract because the other option is starving to death.

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"You're not wrong Walter, you're just an asshole" -The Dude

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I am saying this with all seriousness. Have you had your eyes checked recently?

A friend of mine was complaining about the print quality of some text on a can and I was like "hah what? Lemme see" and it was perfectly clear (just like the bear emoji or any other emoji for that matter).

You may need glasses.

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There will always be a "step further we'd love to see but won't"

I dunno, it could be really bad out there. We like to have really romanticized versions of space exploration in our brain. Like finding I habitable planets and other intelligent life. But what if that other intelligent life is super far advanced, and also capitalists. And they figured out how to inject advertisements into brains. And they want to share their technology with us.

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Oh... Wow... That's bullshit.

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So I have drank coffee on and off since I was a teenager, and I recently took probably a 2 year break from it. When I was drinking coffee, it was usually because they had a pod system at work, and it was an excuse to get up from my desk and take a break. With that said, I have been watching this Netflix show Resident Alien recently, and there is a lot of coffee drinking in it, and I started craving a hot cup. On my way home from dropping my daughter off at daycare, I stopped at the local gas station\market and got a cup and was like "Man, I miss coffee, and this coffee is pretty terrible."

So this got me thinking that I want to get back into morning coffee tradition, but I no longer work in an office, I work from home. I don't want to go pod system because they are wasteful, weak, and a pain in the but to clean\maintain. My wife doesn't drink coffee, so I don't need to make a whole pot. So I was thinking of going French press, as that seems to be suggested in a lot of places for single-serve.

Do you folks have a suggestion on French press brands? I know it's a pretty simple mechanism, but I'm not against spending a couple extra bucks to get something that will enhance my coffee making\drinking experience. Additionally, I am looking for something that will filter out as many grounds as possible. Are you guys for\against paper filters? Should I get a metal one? Do I need one of those things that goes on top of my mug to hold the filter? Where do I start?

I know coffee can get really mad scientist really quick, and I'm not trying to go that route (yet). My brother-in-law has one of those electric kettles that gets to an exact temperature, and he grinds his own beans and weights them, and does the whole swirly pour to get "the perfect cup" and while that seems cool, I am not ready to take it to that level.

So what is your suggestion on "starter builds"?

Also, what about beans? Do I grind my own? Do I start with store bought stuff (I always liked Cafe Bustelo)?

Any and all advice is welcome.

Edit: I also forgot to add - I have read about cold brewing being really smooth. How do I cold brew and heat it back up? Do people do that? Would love to hear more about it.

Edit2: Oh man, this community is awesome! I didn't expect so many great responses. Pulling the trigger on an Aeropress after reading all the comments here and watching some James Hoffman videos about it. It definitely looks like the right fit for me. I'm not going to get a grinder quite yet, as I feel like I am just beginning my journey and I don't want to go balls to the wall right out the gate. There is a coffee shop right down the street from me that sells\grinds beans, so that sounds like the best bet for trying different things.

Sxan mentioned the Toddy's kit, and that also has my interest. Maybe that's next after a grinder. I have a feeling I am about to go down an expensive caffeine fueled rabbit hole. Wish me luck. I will report back.

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I have been living in the Samsung ecosystem for quite a long time now, and i finally decided to make the switch to Pixel because the 8 looked pretty great, and it was time for a new phone.

Big surprise to me, is that I can no longer use any of my Samsung Smart Tags, which I have quite a few of (Dog collar, Luggage, Car, eScooter, Keys, Backpack, etc).

I am pretty upset with this, as I purchased the smart tag pro's, and it wasn't exactly cheap. I previously had some Tile devices, but I found them to be incredibly unreliable, and I really don't want to have to re-purchase a bunch of devices and the things that hold them (collar, waterproof container etc).

With all of that said, is there any unofficial way to get the Samsung smart devices working on a Pixel? From my understanding, they are just bluetooth devices. I don't see why there would be any physical restriction to pairing them to my Pixel, it's just the software stopping it. Like is there some kind of jailbroken Samsung Smart Things apk that tells the app that you're on a Samsung device? I've looked around but haven't had much luck finding antyhing, so I thought I might ask here.

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