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Yes, but conservation is not a binary condition. Zoos are responsible for more conservation than we would otherwise have without them.

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Because the attraction rallies support for preserving and protecting their natural habitat. Zoos act as promotional centers for conservation.

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They almost certainly did, let's be real.

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Rallying public support is more important in this particular case, you narrow-minded numskull.

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Everyone should read How Civil Wars Start and How to Stop y by Barbara F Walter.

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Dang, you lucky son of a gun.

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The ability to travel great distances with ease has really made it easier to experience a total solar eclipse than ever before.

Also, quite a lot of people have seen 0 solar eclipse.

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Being too young or too old to drive shouldn't exclude you from full participation in society in the ways you are otherwise able. You should be able to go grocery shopping even if your reflexes aren't up to the task of driving. You should be able to go to your baseball game without getting a ride from your parents.

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I get this feeling this will generally be the peak of generative AI. Used for assistance when needed and with lots of oversight. The problem is that not all people bother to check the AI's work.

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Which part is supposed to be upsetting?

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Extremely AI, that image is.

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My first ever patch is going to be a no-shoot target from competitive action shooting. I was going to do a shoot target but it turns out I don't have any tan thread in my random assortment of threads.

I will be getting a proper color selection soon, and proper thread, but for now I'm getting started with what I have. I'm very excited to make my fist patch!!

What are you working on?

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Hi hi

I'm stuck in bed and starting to work on embroidery. All of my threads are wound on a spool. They seem to be general purpose threads as far as I can tell. Right now I'm folding them into four parallel threads and using that, doubled up. (Each stich is eight threads.) Some work better than others.

I'm slowly running out and will need to replace them, but I don't know anything about thread. The normal embroidery-specific threads don't seem to come on spools, which I would greatly prefer. They also have different sizes and I have no idea what's that about.


Help! What is a good general purpose brand that comes on a spool? It doesn't have to be embroidery specific, but should be adaptable to use in embroidery.


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A Madison local is looking to provide firearms instruction classes to students who might not feel safe taking a normal firearms course. The classes are free to the students to make them as accessible as possible. If you can help out with operating expenses (classroom rent, study materials, etc.) you will help build proficiency and safety in a community traditionally under served in this area.


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Hi all,

A fellow enthusiast started teaching firearms courses aimed at folks who aren't typically courted by the gun community. They've been doing this for free since the start of COVID and they are now looking to expand their operation and need to raise funds in order to keep it free. If you could chip in a few bucks to help with next year's expenses, you'll be making firearms proficiency more accessible to people who aren't welcome in other courses currently available.


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Ecosia is a German search engine company which donates 80% of its revenue to planting trees. They take Bing, reskin it, and spend the profits from advertising on planting trees. They're up to about 175,000,000 trees so far.

Edit: This is just a convenient way to turn something you do every day (use a search engine) into a force for good. It's a slow process, 1 tree ≈ 45 searches, but you were going to make those searches anyway, might as well plant trees! Think of it as the digital equivalent of buying local food.

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A court used an app called Covenant Eyes to surveil the family of an Indiana man released on bond. Now he’s back in jail, and tech misuse may be to blame. The app flagged one of the family's devices as having accessed Pornhub even though it didn't, and this was the only evidence used to throw the man back in jail. They didn't even try to prove he was the one who caused the app to flag Pornhub as visited, they just assumed it was him. The article contains multiple levels of "oh my god our system is messed up."

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