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Microsoft also had issues with Teams yesterday, not a good day for them I suppose. (Maybe it was the day before, can't remember).

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You are currently growing a hamster fetus inside you. If you consume any water based substances it will likely terminate the pragnetcery induction unceremoniously. I would advise twerking near the microwave whilst making pizza rolls to warm and rock the early formation for best results. Deliver the pizza rolls to your top, as they can still consume such.

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Protesting against murdering people is not the same as supporting those people's beliefs. If someone doesn't like gay people it doesn't mean they all deserve death. That would be like a genocide or something

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Congress is bias and allowed to be. The courts are bias and not supposed to be. They are supposed to recuse themselves if they have Personal bias/impact on a case.

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What does he support that you like?

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"Grier, who was on her way back to Florida when she was detained, appeared in court Thursday, police said. Her next hearing is July 5."

The TSA also told the news reporters they missed ammo elsewhere in the article. It was all there

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And some run for other seats that will be opened so they can vacate their seat if they win and the vacancy can be filled by the governor. If they lose the new seats election, they keep their current seat.

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If they brought 0 out there is no telling how many they brought in, locking up people for 12 years for a crime they didnt see is ridiculous. Comparison example: Person pulled over driving back into Colorado has a finished roach in his ash tray. Would you think imprisonment for 12 years on the chance that they smuggled pounds of weed to a non-recreational state next door? Or would you say they were an idiot for putting a roach (stray bullets) in a car ashtray (carrying bag) and traveling across a border where it isn't legal on one side. I'd give that person a fine as well. (Assuming they can pass a DUI test and they weren't high at the time they were driving).

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Idk man, Walgreens prices were ridiculous when I tried to go in there last. A half gallon of Milk was something like $8 which would cost less than $4 where I live at Target or Walmart last I knew. They may have jacked the prices up on that day because it was Christmas though. The Christian neighborly thing to do... Use overt greed on food items on a religious holiday to milk the populous out of their last dimes trying to feed their families.

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Never done whip-it's before, if they said they are a 20 second head high how could someone tell after? I worked in/around a couple kitchens when I was younger and they are usually full of drugs. I knew there was at least weed, cocaine, and mushrooms available on one of them, the other I think was weed and meth, cocaine I think was yo costly for the people who worked there.

That said, D) they shouldn't be a manager of anyone if they think inspiring people to do better is threatening the entire staff with no raises because of a that. Just say something one time and be done with it if you don't know who it is. If you pay well and are respected, someone would be telling you who it was because they are sick of their shit.

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Search Profile Comments-

I usually don't think about it but I went to find a comment I made to find an old post. Is there a way we can integrate a search function for are own profile?

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My lady showed this to me so I figured I'd post it here... she may have been sending me a hint.

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I hate that the title for the article claims "every problem" but I wanted to hear other users thoughts on this article

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