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"yeah...no" isn't an argument.

To be clear, I'm not saying the basilisk is a real concern, and I'm not saying we're anywhere close to being able to transfer consciousness. It could be a thousand years or a million years. But we don't have any basis to say it's impossible. It's not saying anything new to announce we can't do it currently. Obviously!

(Also the book "A City on Mars" by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith does a great job addressing why trying colonize Mars right now is a bad idea. Which isn't to say it's impossible or we won't ever colonize it. Just that we need more research and capabilities before doing it)

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Just because we don't have the ability now doesn't mean it's not possible. Consciousness isn't fully understood, but unless we want to introduce magical concepts like an immortal soul, our brains operate on cause and effect just like everything else.

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I wasn't aware until reading this that 2,400 people died in a stampede in 2015

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Something else they (and a lot of other coops) do is set a max ratio of executive income vs lowest paid worker income. So for example I think at Mondragon an executive can't make more than six times the lowest paid worker.

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I think market based mechanisms for calculating pay would be very hard to get away from.

That said, Mondragon (worker cooperative) has a base pay rate and then all positions are assigned a multiplier to determine an individual's compensation.

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Big deal I eat berries all the time

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That's a good visual

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Interesting, I hadn't seen your earlier posts but went back and checked out your profile. Neat idea

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Sorry, who gave you a curfew?

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Before holding up a store or bank, rob a different store or bank, and leave their phone at the second store or bank

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I'll tell them

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You can tell because the Math mascot, Venom, is also in the image


Man, fuck this guy


Every week or every month each level of government throws a party funded with taxpayer dollars, and attendees are selected at random from the residents and given advance notice of the party schedule.

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My default buying process is research + spreadsheet creation, this time thought I'd ask the community here if you have any experience / wisdom with garage door openers. Thanks for any help!

Additional info: Single car garage built in the 1950s in the U.S. The current opener is a lift master, just eyeballing it probably from the 90s. The door could be original? I don't know. It's wood, seems fairly substantial.

Yesterday and this morning started having issues with the door just stopping in the middle of opening or closing. When it stops, the remote button becomes unresponsive for a few seconds. When it starts moving again it goes the other direction so you have to keep pressing and try to get it to close/open before it stops again. This morning I ended up pulling it down part of the way because I'd gone through several rounds of up, down, up, down. It doesn't seem to want to move manually which isn't surprising. Worried my car is going to get stuck in there before work so I figure should probably be proactive here.


Question inspired by the news that Dave and Busters is supposed to be adding gambling to their games. And of course there are the sports betting apps.

I get that all things being equal we should let people do what they want to do. But I don't see much of a benefit, and a lot of downside to allowing the spread of gambling.


Let's assume no zombies or other supernatural occurrences, but could be plenty of people being shitty, consequences thereof, or natural disasters

Edit: to expand on this, presumably if society has temporarily or permanently collapsed there would be issues with things like deliveries, security, digital transactions, utility service etc. Feel free to use whichever scenario seems most likely to you, I'm asking more because I was thinking how screwed I'd be if I was just out of food after say, seven days.


I don't mean the actual rules of passing it, I mean what organization, activities and funding are necessary to do so.

The last one passed was in 1992 and it was just about congressional pay. Last one before that was 1971. Is there some kind of play book? It seems to happen so infrequently that it would be hard to study and conditions would vary enough that the last effort wouldn't be useful as a model.

("The amendment process is very difficult and time consuming: A proposed amendment must be passed by two-thirds of both houses of Congress, then ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the states." Link)


We're talking actions limited to something one human could achieve - so not wishes, but could be something amazing or rare like "become president"

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"...These kinds of private conferences, where business and cultural leaders interview one another free from the pesky, prying grasp of the press or public, are becoming increasingly common."


I like getting glasses off of Zenni but they never seem to fit quite right, mostly the arms. Would be nice to be able to make adjustments.


Or by only putting one stick of memory in, or changing the slot you're using.

I was assembling a computer and everything seemed to be correct, the fan would spin up, I'd get some lights, but there was no image on the screen, not even the BIOS. I saw someone else make this suggestion and didn't think it was likely to work, but it did. First I just tried one stick, and it booted. Then I tried both sticks and it didn't work, but I reseated and then it did.

(Also worth pointing out that your motherboard should have diagnostic lights which if you check the documentation may point out which component has an issue)

Thinking about Lemmy's demographics many here may have heard of something like this, or have more helpful suggestions about troubleshooting which would be welcome. But thought I'd write out a little post about my experience to contribute to Lemmy SEO supremacy.

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